Hakurei Shrine Fall Reitaisai 6

The Hakurei Shrine Fall Reitaisai is an annual convention held in Japan to officially release demo and full versions of Touhou games. Fan works are also released at the event. The 2019 Fall Reitaisai was held in Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) on October 6, 2019. Official website: http://reitaisai.com/


Date Catalog Name Publisher
2019-10-06 KKYM-2001 Doubutsu no HimitsuどうぶつのひみつDoubutsu no Himitsu katikatiyamakatikatiyama
2019-10-06 N/A Emotional memoryEmotional memoryEmotional memory 電解アンサー
2019-10-06 datfile-059 EXCEPTIONAL -TO-HO HardcoreTechno Package-EXCEPTIONAL -TO-HO HardcoreTechno Package-EXCEPTIONAL -TO-HO HardcoreTechno Package- dat file recordsdat file records
2019-10-06 HARI-012A Fuushin Kaden風心花伝Fuushin Kaden Hari Music針の音楽
2019-10-06 LOLI-0081 HARDCORE BARRAGE 8HARDCORE BARRAGE 8HARDCORE BARRAGE 8 Rolling ContactRolling Contact
2019-10-06 MIA-073 JaponismJaponismJaponism IRON ATTACK!IRON ATTACK!
2019-10-06 PSYC-0030 JUSTIN INNERVERジャスティン・イナーバーJUSTIN INNERVER Pizuya's Cellぴずやの独房
2019-10-06 YHST-0121 Kegare naki Euphoria穢れなきユーフォリアKegare naki Euphoria Yuuhei Satellite幽閉サテライト
2019-10-06 STTN-0001 LADY BUGLADY BUGLADY BUG Studio Tansaibo
2019-10-06 SDHC-0090 Metallical RemastersMetallical RemastersMetallical Remasters SOUND HOLICSOUND HOLIC
2019-10-06 ARDW-0002 NON-STOP INTERCEPT Phase TwoNON-STOP INTERCEPT Phase TwoNON-STOP INTERCEPT Phase Two Alstroemeria Recordsアルストロメリアレコーズ
2019-10-06 N/A NukegaraぬけがらNukegara Rousuikyou (潦水鏡)
2019-10-06 N/A Pribuskers 4Pribuskers 4Pribuskers 4 CasketCasket
2019-10-06 SJFT-0047 Samayoi no Mei ~Ten~彷徨いの冥~天~Samayoi no Mei ~Ten~ Shoujo Fractal少女フラクタル
2019-10-06 DRCD-0053 SATORI -satori-SATORI -サトリ-SATORI -satori- Akatsuki Records暁Records
2019-10-06 ANCD-0030 Touhou Bakuon Jazz 2 Rebuild東方爆音ジャズ2 RebuildTouhou Bakuon Jazz 2 Rebuild Tokyo Active NEETs東京アクティブNEETs
2019-10-06 ARMM-0002 Ultimate vs. Supreme -Second Season-Ultimate vs. Supreme -Second Season-Ultimate vs. Supreme -Second Season- Alstroemeria Recordsアルストロメリアレコーズ