Touhou Kouroumu 14

A Touhou series doujin event held at Intex Osaka. Official website:


Date Catalog Name Publisher
2018-10-14 SACD-0019 Alternative201810Alternative201810Alternative201810 SYNC.ART'SSYNC.ART'S
2018-10-21 N/A Bartender Reimu 6バーテンダーレイム6Bartender Reimu 6 DDBYDDBY
2018-10-21 DRCD-0043 Chimamire Dancing Party ~ Kyutto shite Dokan♥ちまみれダンシンパーリナイ ~きゅっとしてドカーン♥Chimamire Dancing Party ~ Kyutto shite Dokan♥ Akatsuki Records暁Records
2018-10-21 GLOV-0014 DAYBREAK #1DAYBREAK #1DAYBREAK #1 Glassy:oceaNGlassy:oceaN
2018-10-21 CSGF-0010 Fantastic ParkFantastic ParkFantastic Park Cold Sleep GirlfriendCold Sleep Girlfriend
2018-10-21 YHST-0106 Hana to Ame花とあめHana to Ame Shoujo Fractal少女フラクタル
2018-10-21 N/A Kayoushoku no Sigma花葉色のシグマKayoushoku no Sigma Tengu no Mai天狗ノ舞
2018-10-21 CIXT-0037 Pribuskers 0, 1, 2+Pribuskers 0, 1, 2+Pribuskers 0, 1, 2+ CasketCasket
2018-10-21 N/A Sakasama Queen逆さまクイーンSakasama Queen
2018-10-21 N/A snow e.p.snow e.p.snow e.p. 鴉's reverie photography