M3-2001 Spring

7th installment of the biannual Music Media-Mix Market (M3). Site: http://www.m3net.jp/


Date Catalog Name Publisher
2001-04-30 apcd03 AFX-6502AFX-6502AFX-6502 aerophononaerophonon
2001-04-30 N/A color me pop'n - excolor me pop'n - excolor me pop'n - ex Silly WalkerSilly Walker
2001-04-30 GCFT-0002 Initial Kanon頭文字KInitial K Golden City FactoryGolden City Factory
2001-04-30 SRRS-0008 PathosPathosPathos Sonic RevolutionSonic Revolution
2001-04-30 WVST-0005 SpectaclesSpectaclesSpectacles MEL-WSMEL-WS
2001-04-30 SRRA-0001 White VisionWhite VisionWhite Vision Sonic RevolutionSonic Revolution