Super Castlevania IV (product)

Album Releases

Date Catalog Name
1991-12-05 KICA-7506~7 Akumajo Dracula Best 2悪魔城ドラキュラ・ベスト2
1991-12-25 TIM-SFC02 Super Famicom Magazine Vol.2 Special Supplementスーパーファミコンマガジン Vol.2 特別付録
1992-04-22 KICA-1103 Perfect Selection Dracula ~NEW CLASSIC~パーフェクト・セレクション ドラキュラ ニュークラシック
1994 N/A La Compil Player One
1995-06-21 KICA-1162 PERFECT SELECTION DRACULA BATTLE IIパーフェクトセレクション ドラキュラ バトル II
1996-09-21 KICA-1189 PERFECT SELECTION KONAMI BATTLE the BESTパーフェクトセレクション コナミ・バトル・ザ・ベスト
1997 SLUS-00067 Castlevania Symphony of the Night - Limited Edition Castlevania Music Sampler CD
1997-03-10 VX010-J1 Dracula ~Music Collection~悪魔城ドラキュラ ~ミュージック コレクション~
1997-10-22 KICA-7809 Akumajo Dracula MIDI collection悪魔城ドラキュラ MIDIコレクション
1997-11 VX100 Castlevania ~Music Collection~
1998-09-23 KICA-7902~3 Akumajo Dracula Best 2悪魔城ドラキュラ ベスト2
2002-10-27 EZCD-0004 Super Family Computer Best Collection Vol.1スーパーファミコン ベストコレクション Vol.1
2002-11 N/A NESkimo Battle: Perfect Selection / The NESkimos
2005-12-30 WRCD-0005 Detana!! K-STYLE ~School Mizugi de Ooabare!!~出たな!! K-STYLE 〜スクール水着で大あばれ!!〜
2006-11-28 KMUS-0001 Castlevania 20th Anniversary Deluxe Music Collection
2008-08-16 N/A BLOOD LIAR
2008-11-02 N/A Retro Remixes
2009-01-01 N/A Bacon EP.
2009-05-05 SBFR-0013 I Saw Hell on This World僕はこの世界で地獄を見たBoku wa Kono Sekai de Jigoku wo Mita
2009-05-19 N/A More Games
2010-01-01 N/A Bacon EP. [Digital Edition]
2010-03-24 GFCA-195~213 Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collections BOX悪魔城ドラキュラ Best Music Collections BOX
2010-04-27 N/A Game On!
2010-11-30 N/A VikingGuitar
2010-11-30 N/A VikingGuitar
2011-01-13 LC-1957 Akumajo Dracula Tribute Vol.1悪魔城ドラキュラトリビュート Vol.1
2011-01-13 LC-1958 Akumajo Dracula Tribute Vol.2悪魔城ドラキュラトリビュート Vol.2
2011-02-07 OCRA-0022 Heroes vs. Villains
2011-10-31 KNGIA-0002 Vampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to Castlevania
2012-02-01 N/A Ainaveltsac Medley
2012-04-05 N/A Video Game Songs
2012-05-11 N/A Shiryu's Arcade Volume 6
2012-08-11 EZCD-0020 Blood X Blood Akumajo Music HistoryBlood X Blood 悪魔城音樂史Blood X Blood Akumajo Ongakushi
2012-12-21 N/A SNES XX
2013-02-19 N/A Gametunes
2013-10-27 ASIA-0035 Four Polyphonic Magic 8ふぉ~ぽりふぉにっくまじっく8
2013-11-10 N/A SNES Generation
2014-07-11 N/A GAME COVERS 2013 - 2014
2014-07-31 N/A Legion
2014-10-17 N/A Symphony of BloodShred (A Castlevania Tribute)
2015-03-09 N/A Best of Castlevania: On Piano
2015-10-31 OCRI-0006 Vampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to Castlevania
2015-10-31 OCRA-0054 Vampire Variations: Volume III
2015-12-23 N/A Melodies From Video Games Past
2016-04-26 N/A Video Game Music Acapella: Volume 2
2016-06-13 N/A Jazzyvania : Symphonies of the Knight
2016-11-07 N/A Metalvania
2017-04-24 N/A Castlevania: The Eternal Legacy (Vol. 1: 1986 - 1996)
2017-06-21 MOND-074 Super Castlevania IV Original Video Game Soundtrack
2017-10-19 N/A Belmont: The Eternal Legacy (A Tribute to the Music of Castlevania)
2017-10-22 N/A Holy Whiplash +
2017-11-03 N/A Plays
2018-06-03 N/A 4 Video Game Songs Revisited
2018-09-06 N/A Castlevania - Scarlet Night
2019-01-03 N/A Play Games, Eat Tacos