Castlevania (product)

Album Releases

Date Catalog Name
1987-03-25 28XA-135 The Konamic Game Freaksコナミック・ゲーム・フリークス
1987-03-25 ALC-22911 The Konamic Game Freaksコナミック・ゲーム・フリークス
1987-03-25 ALR-22911 The Konamic Game Freaksコナミック・ゲーム・フリークス
1989-12-21 220A-7721~3 Konami Special Music "Senryoubakoこなみ すぺしゃる みゅ~じっく 千両箱
1990-03-21 KICA-1005 Akumajo Dracula Famicom Best悪魔城ドラキュラ ファミコン・ベスト
1990-03-21 KITA-1005 Akumajo Dracula Famicom Best悪魔城ドラキュラ ファミコン・ベスト
1991-09-05 KICA-1036 Perfect Selection Draculaパーフェクト・セレクション ドラキュラ
1991-10-21 KICA-1046~7 KONAMI ENDING COLLECTIONコナミ・エンディング・コレクション
1991-12-21 KICA-1053~5 KONAMI ALL STARS ~THE SENRYO-BAKO HEISEI 4 NEN BAN~コナミ・オールスターズ ~千両箱平成四年版~
1992-04-22 KICA-1103 Perfect Selection Dracula ~NEW CLASSIC~パーフェクト・セレクション ドラキュラ ニュークラシック
1993-03-24 KICA-1122 KONAMI GM HITS FACTORY IコナミGMヒッツファクトリーI
1993-07-21 KICA-7615 MIDI POWER X68000 COLLECTION ver.3.0ミディパワー・X68000 コレクション バージョン3.0
1993-10-21 KICA-1131 KONAMI GM HITS FACTORY IIコナミGMヒッツファクトリーII
1993-11-03 KICA-7622~3 Akumajo Dracula X悪魔城ドラキュラX
1994-07-21 KICA-1145 PERFECT SELECTION DRACULA BATTLEパーフェクトセレクション ドラキュラ・バトル
1995-06-21 KICA-1162 PERFECT SELECTION DRACULA BATTLE IIパーフェクトセレクション ドラキュラ バトル II
1995-08-04 KICA-7670 MIDI POWER Pro Best Selectionミディ パワープロ ベスト・セレクション
1996-09-21 KICA-1189 PERFECT SELECTION KONAMI BATTLE the BESTパーフェクトセレクション コナミ・バトル・ザ・ベスト
1997 SLUS-00067 Castlevania Symphony of the Night - Limited Edition Castlevania Music Sampler CD
1997-03-10 VX010-J1 Dracula ~Music Collection~悪魔城ドラキュラ ~ミュージック コレクション~
1997-10-22 KICA-7809 Akumajo Dracula MIDI collection悪魔城ドラキュラ MIDIコレクション
1997-11 VX100 Castlevania ~Music Collection~
1998-09-04 KICA-7890 Kukeiha Club & Konami Kukeiha Club Best Vol.2矩形波倶楽部&コナミ矩形波倶楽部 BEST Vol.2
1998-09-23 KICA-7901 Akumajo Dracula Best悪魔城ドラキュラ ベスト
2000-06-15 KRAID1 The Minibosses
2001-02-07 SCDC-00064 The Konamic Game Freaksコナミック・ゲーム・フリークス
2001-05-23 KMCA-104~5 Castlevania Chronicle: Akumajo Dracula Original Soundtrack悪魔城年代記 悪魔城ドラキュラ Original Soundtrack
2001-11-18 IO-0043 Yappa Maruchi ka. ~IOSYS CD Audition Disk~やっぱマルチか。 〜イオシスCD試聴盤〜
2002 N/A Nintendo Metal
2002 N/A Gromix Collection #01
2002-06-16 EZCD-0002 Family Computer Midi Best Collection Vol.1ファミコン ベストコレクション Vol.1
2002-10-20 WMCD-0001 Onkochishin Nendaiki Castlevania温故知新年代記 Castlevania
2002-11 N/A NESkimo Battle: Perfect Selection / The NESkimos
2002-11-07 KOLA-004 CANDY / Yajuh-OhkokuCANDY/野獣王国
2003-12-30 N/A Symphonia
2004-01-31 CR-003 The Adventures of... DJ NES
2004-04-06 ger028 The Advantage
2004-04-21 SCDC-00319 FAMICOM 20TH ANNIVERSARY ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKS VOL.3ファミコン 20thアニバーサリー オリジナル・サウンド・トラックス VOL.3
2004-09-21 N/A Disk System Selection Iitokodori CD SIDE BディスクシステムセレクションいいとこどりCD SIDE B
2004-10-01 CM-2113 Konami Music Masterpiece Collectionコナミミュージック 名曲コレクション
2004-12-30 MTSR-2 Akumajo Dracula -Odi et amo-悪魔城ドラキュラ -Odi et amo-
2005 N/A Electroid : Rebuilt
2005-05-01 FHCA-0001 Onkochishin Nendaiki CastlevaniaMOE POWER 温故知新年代記 Castlevania
2005-06-15 FR04 Minibosses/Penny Winblood Split CD
2005-10-19 SCDC-00467 Konami Famicom Super Medley
2005-11-15 KRAID4 Brass LP
2005-11-23 SCDC-00465 The Konamic Game Freaksコナミック・ゲーム・フリークス
2005-12-07 POCE-7334 Smooth Jazz Living 01
2005-12-30 WRCD-0005 Detana!! K-STYLE ~School Mizugi de Ooabare!!~出たな!! K-STYLE 〜スクール水着で大あばれ!!〜
2006 ICSS-0001 BLACK BOX
2006 N/A NESperado
2006 TPIH001 Everything You Know Is Wrong
2006-01-24 ger050 Elf Titled
2006-08-13 eJdcl-017 The Lost Vampire Killer: Dracula arrangement album
2006-08-14 IWAM-14 Kaion Shugi: Retro Game Volume快音主義 レゲー編Kaion Shugi Rege Hen
2006-10-31 CD 9163 POWER UP! Mutations and Mutilations of 8-Bit Hits
2006-11-28 KMUS-0001 Castlevania 20th Anniversary Deluxe Music Collection
2006-12-31 HKMP-OTO17 HieroGraph ClassicsHIEROGRAPH CLASSICS~ひえろぐらクラシック~
2007-05-15 N/A Konami Game Music: Classic Castlevania
2007-05-30 N/A Nester Babies!!!
2007-10-25 OUS EP-03 Zombies Rocked My Neighbors
2007-11-04 DYCD-2503 Retro Game Anthology "8bit DreamsRetro Game Anthology 『8bit Dreams』
2007-11-26 N/A blow on it
2008 N/A Influences
2008 N/A MEGA MEN / Mega Metal
2008-01-03 WIZ003 Robotic Operating Buddy
2008-05-08 N/A ...Metal up your NESS!!!
2008-05-21 UPCH-1606 Konami Addiction ~For Electro Lovers~
2008-05-26 N/A Game Over
2008-06-27 Duane and Brando EP of Doom!
2008-07-14 N/A Noentiendo
2008-07-24 5 08136 2 VIDEO GAMES LIVE: VOLUME ONE
2008-07-28 N/A VIDEO GAMES LIVE: VOLUME ONE (iTunes)
2008-08-16 N/A BLOOD LIAR
2008-11-01 859702540037 8-Bit Diagrams
2008-11-02 N/A Retro Remixes
2008-12-11 N/A Nintendo Dance Revolution!!!
2008-12-11 N/A Nintendo Dance Revolution!!!
2008-12-28 AKLF-024 MUSIC ARRANGE Akumajo Dracula for FamilyComputerMUSIC ARRANGE 悪魔城ドラキュラ for FamilyComputer
2009-04-30 N/A Nintendo Remakes
2009-05-05 EZCD-0018 Famicom Best Vol.4 -NEW STAGE-ファミコン・ベスト Vol.4 -NEW STAGE-
2009-06-30 liecd03 8-Bit Democracy (Capitalist Edition)
2009-07-01 TOCP-70794 VIDEO GAMES LIVEビデオ・ゲーム・ライヴ
2009-07-17 TPIH004 This Place is Haunted
2009-09-02 SRIN-1063 Violin de Hiite Mita ep2 ~ Maou no Gyakushuu / Scream no Hitoヴァイオリンで弾いてみたep2 魔王の逆襲/スクリームの人
2009-10-31 OCRA-0016 Castlevania: Sonata of the Damned
2009-12-16 OUS EP-07 Jingle All The Way
2009-12-28 N/A LP of Devastation
2010 N/A Video Game Metal Volume 2
2010 N/A Gromix #Hors-Série
2010-03-24 GFCA-195~213 Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collections BOX悪魔城ドラキュラ Best Music Collections BOX
2010-04-15 N/A Nintendo Metal
2010-05-05 N/A BigWave
2010-05-05 DVSP-0055 Diverse vs 8bit 3
2010-08-09 N/A Nostalgic Pleasure
2010-10-19 SF 12324 VIDEO GAMES LIVE: LEVEL 2
2011-01-12 N/A 8-bit Trade
2011-01-13 LC-1957 Akumajo Dracula Tribute Vol.1悪魔城ドラキュラトリビュート Vol.1
2011-02-01 N/A Extra Lives
2011-02-07 OCRA-0022 Heroes vs. Villains
2011-02-27 N/A Unavenged
2011-04-26 SIR024 Castlebandia
2011-05-01 NKRN04 NKRN 4贄 Killer 9 #4Nie Killer 9 #4
2011-05-20 N/A The Spoony Bards
2011-07-18 N/A Pixel Glass
2011-09-14 N/A - Insert Token -
2011-09-24 N/A No NES For The Wicked
2011-10-31 KNGIA-0002 Vampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to Castlevania
2011-11-07 N/A Belmont
2011-12-30 N/A Videogames Covers 2011
2011-12-31 WDCD-0037 Akumajo Onkochishin Nendaiki悪魔城 温故知新年代記
2011-12-31 MTST-2 FCDS FM TUNES
2012-01 N/A Brass
2012-01-07 N/A This Place Is Haunted (Remastered)
2012-01-26 N/A HELLHOUND
2012-02-01 N/A Ainaveltsac Medley
2012-04-06 N/A Instrumental Of Devastation
2012-06-01 N/A Battlecake EP
2012-08-11 EZCD-0020 Blood X Blood Akumajo Music HistoryBlood X Blood 悪魔城音樂史Blood X Blood Akumajo Ongakushi
2012-08-22 N/A Replay Value (Remix, Remake, Replay)
2012-10-07 N/A Simple But Effective
2012-10-12 N/A MUSIC SYSTEM 2
2012-12-19 N/A More Video Game Songs
2013-01-03 N/A NESterYears
2013-03-05 N/A Holy Whiplash - A Castlevania Tribute
2013-03-18 N/A Video Game Ska IV
2013-04-10 JOY-694 VGM Acapella
2013-09-16 N/A Castlevania
2013-09-26 N/A LP of Devastation [Remastered]
2013-09-27 N/A Famicom Memoria XXX
2013-09-30 LOUDR-1213 VGM Acapella: Volume 3
2013-10-10 N/A Free ReMix Collection
2013-10-13 N/A LP of Devastation (Edited)
2013-10-27 N/A VLAD
2013-11-22 N/A Harping on Video Games
2014-02-27 N/A Live from: The Great American Music Hall
2014-04-11 N/A Live at Symphony Hall / Video Game Orchestra
2014-04-20 N/A Where Evil Dwells
2014-05-05 N/A Journey to NES
2014-05-25 N/A NES Tribute Album
2014-06-05 N/A Video Game Guitar Covers, Vol. 3
2014-06-30 N/A Big Twice: Push > Start
2014-07-12 MPCH-001 Multiplayer: A Tribute to Video Games
2014-10-17 N/A Symphony of BloodShred (A Castlevania Tribute)
2014-12-22 N/A Speed Runs
2015-01-25 N/A Hammer GamesHammer Games - Vol. 1
2015-03-09 N/A Best of Castlevania: On Piano
2015-04-23 N/A Lullaby Renditions of Classic Nintendo Music - Volume 2
2015-06-13 N/A Ensayo 2015
2015-08-07 N/A Orchestral Covers vol. 1
2015-08-16 WDCD-0045 Yareba Yaru Hodo!やればやるほど!
2015-10-31 OCRI-0006 Vampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to Castlevania
2016-02-03 N/A Launch
2016-02-03 N/A Launch
2016-04-26 N/A Video Game Music Acapella: Volume 2
2016-06-13 N/A Jazzyvania : Symphonies of the Knight
2016-07-21 MOND-071 Castlevania
2016-08-03 N/A Video Game Guitar Collection, Vol. 1
2016-08-03 MOND-071 Castlevania
2016-09-07 N/A The BelmontsThe Belmonts (Cassette EP)
2016-10-30 N/A NestrinGP -Retro Game Music Classical Vol.9-
2016-11-07 N/A Metalvania
2016-12-22 CR-005 JazzNESs
2017-01 N/A The BelmontsThe Belmonts (Cassette EP)
2017-02-17 N/A Mini Nes - Sold Out!
2017-04-24 N/A Castlevania: The Eternal Legacy (Vol. 1: 1986 - 1996)
2017-07-02 N/A Banjo Guy Ollie - Volume 5BGO VOL 5
2017-08-11 EZCD-MA02 Blood Rebirth Shinsetsu Akumajo OngakushiBlood Rebirth 真説・悪魔城音樂史
2017-10-03 N/A Videogame Music Revised
2017-10-19 N/A Belmont: The Eternal Legacy (A Tribute to the Music of Castlevania)
2017-10-22 N/A Holy Whiplash +
2017-11-03 N/A Plays
2017-12-20 N/A BANJOVANIA - A Castlevania Tribute
2017-12-29 WDCD-0051 GAME MUSIC PRO-68K
2018-01-23 N/A Akumajo Dracula Medley ~Tabibitotachi no Tsuisou Suite ver.~悪魔城ドラキュラメドレー ~旅人たちの追想組曲ver.~
2018-05-06 N/A POWER PLAY! : N.E.S Remix Album
2018-08-14 MCOL-0132 Music Box Classics: Castlevania
2018-08-15 N/A Videogames Music for Piano
2018-09-06 N/A Castlevania - Scarlet Night
2018-10-08 N/A Castellum Sanguis LXVIII: A Castlevania X68000 Tribute Album
2019-03 YTR-00044 VGM Acapella Volume 1
2019-03-01 N/A A Castlevania Tribute
2019-04-12 N/A Side-Quests Vol. 2
2019-04-16 N/A NES Classics 1
2019-04-19 N/A Gaming In Symphony
2019-06 JACG-0014 Side-Quests Vol. 2
2019-06-14 2067701 Gaming In Symphony