Free! -Dive to the Future- (product)

Album Releases

Date Catalog Name
2018-07-25 LACM-14791 Heading to Over / OLDCODEX [Anime Edition]Heading to Over / OLDCODEX [アニメ盤]
2018-07-25 LACM-34790 Heading to Over / OLDCODEX [Limited Edition]
2018-07-25 LACM-14790 Heading to Over / OLDCODEX
2018-09-28 LZC-1371 Blue Destination
2018-10-10 LACA-9645~6 Deep Blue HarmonyTVアニメ『Free! -Dive to the Future-』オリジナルサウンドトラック Deep Blue HarmonyTV Anime "Free! -Dive to the Future-" Original Soundtrack: Deep Blue Harmony
2018-10-31 LACA-15761 Seven to HighTVアニメ『Free! -Dive to the Future-』キャラクターソングミニアルバム Vol.1 Seven to HighTV Anime "Free! -Dive to the Future-" Character Song Mini Album Vol.1 Seven to High
2018-11-12 KYOG-FR0553 This Is What We Are Now!! CREATOR'S Cross Talk Vol.2 "Free! -Dive to the Future- ~Reviewing Talk~ (the first part)私たちは, いま!! クリエイターズクロストーク「Free! -Dive to the Future-~振り返りトーク~ (前編)」Watashitachi wa, Ima!! CREATOR'S Cross Talk "Free! -Dive to the Future- ~Furikaeri Talk~ (Zenpen)
2018-12-12 LACA-15748 Free! -Dive to the Future- Drama CD: Extra Short FilmsTVアニメ『Free! -Dive to the Future-』ドラマCD Extra Short Films
2018-12-26 LACA-15762 Close Up MemoriesTVアニメ『Free! -Dive to the Future-』キャラクターソングミニアルバム Vol.2 Close Up MemoriesTV Anime "Free! -Dive to the Future-" Character Song Mini Album Vol.2 Close Up Memories