THE [email protected] SideM (product)

Album Releases

Date Catalog Name
2015-04-15 LACM-14321 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-01 Jupiter
2015-04-15 LACM-14322 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-02 DRAMATIC STARS
2015-07-22 LACM-14323 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-03 Beit
2015-07-22 LACM-14324 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-04 High×Joker
2015-10-21 LACM-14325 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-05 W
2015-10-21 LACM-14326 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-06 S.E.M
2016-01-27 LACM-14387 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-07 SAITHE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-07 彩
2016-01-27 LACM-14388 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-08 FRAME
2016-04-20 LACM-14389 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-09 ShinsokuikkonTHE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-09 神速一魂
2016-04-20 LACM-14390 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-10 Café Parade
2016-07-13 LACM-14503 THE [email protected] SideM 2nd ANNIVERSARY DISC 01 DRAMATIC STARS & High×Joker
2016-07-27 LACM-14391 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-11 Altessimo
2016-07-27 LACM-14392 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-12 THE KogadouTHE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-12 THE 虎牙道
2016-08-31 LACM-14504 THE [email protected] SideM 2nd ANNIVERSARY DISC 02 Beit & S.E.M
2016-10-05 LACM-14505 THE [email protected] SideM 2nd ANNIVERSARY DISC 03 Jupiter & W
2016-10-26 LACM-14393 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-13 MofumofuenTHE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-13 もふもふえん
2016-10-26 LACM-14394 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-14 F-LAGS
2016-10-26 LACM-14545 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] LINE-15 Legenders
2016-11-16 LACA-15601 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] PIECES 01
2016-12-21 LACA-15602 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] PIECES 02
2017-02-01 LACM-14570 THE [email protected] SideM Beyond The Dream
2017-02-01 LACA-15603 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] PIECES 03
2017-04-26 LACA-15604 THE [email protected] SideM [email protected] PIECES 04