ActRaiser (product)

Album Releases

Date Catalog Name
1991-01-25 ALCA-105 Actraiserアクトレイザー
1991-04-21 ALCA-123 Misty Blueミスティ・ブルー
1991-09-21 ALCA-182 Synphonic suite from ACTRAISER交響組曲 「アクトレイザー」
2002-08-11 GCCD-0001 GC-clusterz Memorial Works 1
2002-10-27 EZCD-0004 Super Family Computer Best Collection Vol.1スーパーファミコン ベストコレクション Vol.1
2003-08-17 GCCD-0004 GC-Clusterz Memorial Works vol.4
2004-08-15 eJgc2-011 eJ Game Collection 2
2005-08-14 DECD-0001 Super Retro Gameスーパーレゲー
2006-08-14 IWAM-14 Kaion Shugi: Retro Game Volume快音主義 レゲー編Kaion Shugi Rege Hen
2006-10-28 N/A Select Start
2006-12-31 EZCD-0015 Game Music Battle ManiaX Second Duelゲームミュージック バトルマニアックス・セカンドデュエル
2007-06-08 VGCD-0081 Yuzo Koshiro BEST COLLECTION vol.1古代祐三 BEST COLLECTION vol.1
2007-08-17 HSCD-0006 Legacy
2008 N/A MEGA MEN / Mega Metal
2009-01-01 N/A Bacon EP.
2009-05-05 N/A Filmoaふぃるもあっ
2009-05-05 SFCD-0005 OPUS #EXTRA
2010-01-01 N/A Bacon EP. [Digital Edition]
2010-05-05 MTSC-12 Melodies ~RPG Piano Collection~
2010-05-05 FPCR-013 FMPSG013 -Blue Horizon-
2010-08-16 N/A Masters
2010-11-23 POD-001 PuD'S DuDsTony Dickinson VGM Arrange
2011-05-01 N/A 0624 ~warubushi~0624 わるぶし
2011-05-13 N/A Shiryu's Arcade Volume 3
2011-08-13 DMCD-0012 OverDriver
2011-10 N/A Taste My Power
2011-10-10 N/A Bits to the Wall
2012-04-30 SMCD-0001 Respect YUZO-KOSHIRO
2012-05-11 N/A Shiryu's Arcade Volume 6
2012-08-12 N/A Symphonic Apocalypse
2012-09-30 N/A 32X-Bit Nostalgia
2012-12-21 N/A SNES XX
2012-12-31 EZCD-0026 Game Music Silent FieldGame Music サイレントフィールド
2013-01-24 EZCD-0021 Game Music Silent FieldGame Music サイレントフィールド
2013-07-28 N/A Shiryu's Arcade Volume 8
2013-08-02 SBFR-0036 ACTION COMMAND GAIDEN "SUGOIYO! MAKIFU-SANアクションコマンドー外伝「すごいよ! マキフさん」
2014-11-22 N/A Advent
2014-12-11 N/A Super VG Christmas Party
2015-04-20 PR14 Welcome To Warp Zone!
2015-05-22 N/A Shiryu's Arcade Volume 10
2015-06-09 N/A Pink Sells...
2015-12-23 N/A Melodies From Video Games Past
2016-08-31 PR14 Welcome To Warp Zone!
2017-08-12 N/A Pink Sells.. / Singles
2017-11-17 HDBCD038 Diggin' In The Carts: A Collection Of Pioneering Japanese Video Game Music
2018-02-02 N/A ActRaiser: Rebirth of the People
2018-07-20 HDBLP038 Diggin' In The Carts, A Collection Of Pioneering Japanese Video Game Music
2018-07-27 B2PS-1010 YUZO KOSHIRO EARLY COLLECTION BOX古代祐三「Early Collection BOX」
2019-05-03 N/A DIGGIN IN THE CARTS: KODE9 REMIXESDiggin in the Carts Remixes
2019-05-03 HYP014 DIGGIN IN THE CARTS: KODE9 REMIXESDiggin in the Carts Remixes
2019-07-06 SRVD-5001 NJBP Concert Archives 1 ~ANCIENT FESTIVAL~NJBP Concert Archives 1 ~古代祭り~