Mega Man X (product)

Album Releases

Date Catalog Name
1994-01 TIM-SFC13 Super Famicom Magazine Volume 13: Romancing SaGa2 Opening Demonstration & New Game Sound Museumスーパーファミコンマガジン1月情報号特別付録
1994-03-09 SRCL-2828 ROCKMAN X ALPH-LYLA with TOSHIAKI OHTSUBOロックマン X アルフ ライラ with 大坪稔明
2002-12-30 EZCD-0006 Game Music Battle ManiaX "Complete Editionゲームミュージック・バトルマニアックス 「コンプリート エディション」
2003-09-26 CPCA-1076~80 Capcom Music Generation Rockman X1~6カプコン ミュージック ジェネレーション ロックマン エックス 1~6
2004 N/A Gromix Collection #03
2004 N/A Berserker / The NESkimos
2004 N/A Intense Gameplay Action
2004-10-03 EZCD-0010 Rockman Best Collection Vol.1 Road to Xロックマン・ベストコレクション Vol.1 Road to X
2005 N/A Total Pwnage
2006-05-12 N/A Get Equipped With Kid Overdrive
2006-11-01 N/A The Song Remains The Game
2007-01-03 TYM001 Houseworks
2007-10-08 AOD-002 Everytime I Bang -X-
2007-10-08 AOD-003 Everytime I Bang -ZERO-
2007-12-09 N/A Reinventing the Common Lullaby Version 2.0
2008-01-03 N/A LEG VACUUM
2008-02-29 N/A LEG VACUUM
2008-05-08 N/A ...Metal up your NESS!!!
2008-05-26 N/A Game Over
2008-07-14 N/A Noentiendo
2008-08-16 N/A Entertainment System 64
2008-09-02 OUS-005 The OneUps Volume 2
2008-10-13 N/A We Will Rock You!
2008-11-18 N/A Doom Castle
2009-05-02 N/A In The Year 200X AD
2009-07-17 RC002B Bomber Blue [EP]
2009-07-28 N/A R3BORN
2009-08-22 RC003B Bomber Blue
2009-10-11 GNCD-02 AC Adapter KICK-OFF!ACアダプターKICK-OFF!
2009-12-18 N/A Bomber Blue / Gallant Green
2010 N/A Gromix Collection #04
2010 N/A Video Game Metal Volume 1
2010 N/A Video Game Metal Volume 2
2010-01-01 N/A We Are Not Men
2010-04-12 N/A Mavericks of Metal
2010-08-09 N/A Nostalgic Pleasure
2010-09-10 N/A Gamey Mixture
2010-11-23 POD-001 PuD'S DuDsTony Dickinson VGM Arrange
2011-01-07 KM-MULTI001 Mega Man Renaissance
2011-04-06 N/A Flames of Destiny
2011-04-06 N/A Flames of Destiny (Instrumental)
2011-05-13 N/A The Edo Sessions
2011-09-21 CPCA-10248 We are ROCK-MEN!We are ROCK-MEN! カプコン サウンドチーム/ロックマンシリーズ アレンジCD
2011-11-11 N/A Chiptunez of Destiny
2011-12 N/A Mega Man X Metal Arrange
2012-03-14 OCRA-0033 Mega Man X: Maverick Rising
2012-03-14 N/A The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2010
2012-03-19 N/A Mega Man X Stage 1: Initiate
2012-07-25 MICP-11058 TV Game Metalテレビゲーム・メタル
2012-08-12 N/A Symphonic Apocalypse
2012-09-26 PTE038 LAST BUT NOT LEAST
2012-09-30 N/A MEGA MAN 11 soundtrack project
2013-03-16 N/A Dark World
2013-03-20 N/A The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2012
2013-04-10 JOY-694 VGM Acapella
2013-04-29 N/A Mega Music Mix
2013-05-28 N/A Video Game Piano Arrangements Vol. 1
2013-06-29 EZCD-EX06 Megarock Carnivalメガロック カーニバル
2013-09-25 CPCA-10315~6 30th ANNIVERSARY CAPCOM Music Best:Original & Arrangeカプコン30周年 ミュージックベスト オリジナル&アレンジ
2013-10-27 ASIA-0035 Four Polyphonic Magic 8ふぉ~ぽりふぉにっくまじっく8
2013-10-29 OCRC-0001 For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man
2013-11-22 N/A Harping on Video Games
2013-11-22 OCRC-0001 For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man
2013-12-03 N/A Maverick
2013-12-18 CPCA-10324~35 20th Anniversary ROCKMAN X SOUND BOX
2013-12-24 N/A Best of Hyde209 Vol 3.
2013-12-31 EXCD-EX07 Megarock Carnival EXTENDメガロック カーニバル EXTEND
2014-01-01 LOUDR-1878 VGM Acapella: Volume 4
2014-03-24 N/A Mega Man X Official Soundtrack
2014-04-26 N/A WORLD OF RUIN
2014-05-02 LOUDR-3314 VGM Acapella: Volume 5
2014-07-12 N/A Edge of Despair
2014-07-17 N/A The Greatest Bits - Mega Man X
2014-09-16 N/A VGM, Vol. 1
2014-12-11 N/A Super VG Christmas Party
2015-01-11 N/A GEonBU DTM: 1st Compilation Album -My Favorite Retro VGM-ゲー音部 DTM課: 1st Compilation Album -My Favorite Retro VGM-
2015-02-11 CPCA-10377 ROCKMAN DYSTOPIAロックマン ディストピア
2015-03-07 N/A Legend of the Boar Knight
2015-06-13 N/A Ensayo 2015
2016-04-26 N/A Video Game Music Acapella: Volume 2
2016-06-24 N/A Thrashforce Heroes
2016-09-23 N/A VG Metal Covers Vol. 8
2017-03-02 N/A VGM Acapella: Volume 9
2017-06-12 N/A Mega Man X: Generation Sigma Unofficial Soundtrack
2017-06-22 N/A Saturday Mornings Back In The Day
2017-09-17 N/A 16​-​BIT SUMMER!
2018-01-12 N/A 20XX: A Tribute to the Music of Mega Man X
2018-04-25 N/A 21XX
2018-05-15 N/A Continue?
2018-08-04 N/A 20XX Volume II: A Tribute to the Music of Mega Man X