Cave Story (product)

Album Releases

Date Catalog Name
2006-06-24 N/A Cave Story Remix Project
2008-05-11 RSPC-0012 Come on! Cave Storyおいでよ どうくつのものがたり
2009-03-08 LOLI-0010 Touhou World Music Chronicle -No.2-東方俗楽譚 -其の弐-Touhou Zokugakutan -Sono Ni-
2009-07-17 RC002B Bomber Blue [EP]
2009-08-22 RC003G Gallant Green
2009-08-22 RC003B Bomber Blue
2009-12-18 N/A Bomber Blue / Gallant Green
2009-12-30 RSPC-0017 Oku e Ikou yo: Doukutsu no Monogatari奥へいこうよ どうくつのものがたり
2010-08-30 N/A Cave Story Remix Project Bonus Disc
2010-12-29 N/A Cave Story Remix Project II: Dreams of a Chiller Time
2010-12-29 N/A Cave Story Remix Project II: Azure Resonance
2010-12-29 N/A Cave Story Remix Project II: Choirs of Demons
2011 N/A Cave Story Remix Project II: Bonus Album
2011-03-15 N/A Cave Story Recomposed
2011-06-17 N/A FROZEN FIRE: Remixes of Favorites
2011-07-18 N/A Pixel Glass
2011-10-30 HNBD-002 CSVEARTOY
2011-11-08 N/A Made of Metal
2011-12-16 N/A Cave Story+ Sound Track
2012-09-02 N/A Wrath of the Underlings Vol. 1
2013-06-02 N/A Indie Games Concert
2013-07-26 N/A The Pink Album
2013-07-26 KDB214 The Pink Album
2014-01-05 N/A Warp Zone
2014-04-25 N/A DM DOKURO Presents: Cave Story Arranged
2014-06-02 N/A Cave Dreams EP
2014-07-31 N/A Legion
2015-02-13 N/A Neonreleased
2015-02-18 MZB0233 VIDEO GAMES LIVE: LEVEL 4
2015-06-12 N/A The Boss Battle Album
2015-06-30 N/A Best Genesis Hits (Volume 1)
2016-08-26 N/A The Great Tale of the Little Ones
2016-09-05 N/A Indie Game Classics Orchestrated, Vol. 1
2016-09-07 N/A VGM Covers, Vol. I
2017-03-20 SMJ-Physical Super Monday Jam
2017-04-23 KDB214 The Pink Album
2018-04-29 N/A DynamiteManEXE Presents: Cave Story [VRC6]
2020-05-05 N/A Choices: A Cave Story Remix Album