Chrono Trigger (product)

Album Releases

Date Catalog Name
1995-03-25 PSCN-5021~3 CHRONO TRIGGER ORIGINAL SOUND VERSIONクロノ・トリガー・オリジナル・サウンド・ヴァージョン
1995-06-25 PSCN-5024 Chrono Trigger Arranged Version: The Brink of Timeクロノ・トリガー アレンジ・ヴァージョン ザ・ブリンク・オブ・タイム
1996-01-21 SRCL-2739 GAME MUSIC CONCERT 5 by Symphony Orchestra -Live Best Collection-オーケストラによるゲーム音楽コンサート5 -ライヴ・ベスト・コレクション-
1999-12-18 SSCX-10039 Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrackクロノ・トリガー オリジナル・サウンドトラック
2000 LTP2-0002 Experience
2000-04-04 IO-0025 Famicom CD1ファミコンCD1
2000-08-12 N/A JMMIDI Best Hits 1
2000-12-29 IWAM-01 Kaion Shugi: Square Volume快音主義 スクウェア編
2001 PRLD-01 Pre-Lude
2001-10-07 OUS-001 Time & Space - A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda (Green)
2001-10-21 TPCD 0209-2 CHRONO TRIGGER Official Soundtrack: Music from FINAL FANTASY CHRONICLES
2001-12-30 JMCD06 Winter limited Petit Collection '01冬限定 Petit Collection '01Fuyu Gentei Petit Collection' 01
2002-05-09 KFSS-702 Project Majestic Mix: A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu (Silver Edition)
2002-06-22 KFSS-701 Project Majestic Mix: A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu (Gold Edition) [Limited Edition]
2002-08-01 Lvlt-0002 LESTIA
2002-08-11 IWAM-04 Kaion Shugi: Square Volume 3快音主義 スクウェア編 3
2002-08-11 N/A JMMIDI Best Hits 3
2002-10-10 KFSS-704 Project Majestic Mix: SQUAREDANCE [Limited Edition]
2002-10-21 KFSS-705 SQUAREDANCE
2002-12-30 JMCD0008 JMMIDI Best Hits -Ending Collection-
2002-12-30 EZCD-0005 Square Best Series Vol.3 Seiken Densetsu & Chrono Trigger Best collectionスクウェアベストシリーズ Vol.3 聖剣伝説 & クロノトリガー ベストコレクション
2002-12-30 IWAM-06 Kaion Shugi: Square Volume 4快音主義 スクウェア編4
2003-05-04 JMCD0009~10 JMMIDI Best Hits Battle Collection ~Complete Edition~
2003-06-15 PPCD-0301 Project ALONE
2003-06-17 OUS-001 Time & Space - A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda (Blue)
2003-08-17 N/A Kagayake! Kono Kyoku nan Deshou Senshuken~輝け!この曲なんでしょう選手権〜
2003-08-17 JMCD0003 JMMIDI Best Hits 1 Ver.2003
2003-10-11 KTBH-0002 Le Cercueil Du ReveLE CERCUEIL DU REVE ~ Chrono Trigger Arrange CD
2003-12-30 Lvlt-0004 REFLEX
2004 N/A OuT-LaW
2004 PSCD-002 Another Sight
2004 N/A Chrono Distortion
2004-08-15 AZCD-0001 Piano Fantasy
2004-08-15 JMCP0014 JMMIDI Best Hits ~Battle Collection 2~
2004-08-15 JMCD0007 JMMIDI Best Hits 3 Ver.2004
2004-08-15 Lvlt-0005 PHOBOS
2004-08-25 MJCD-0001 1st GIG #Awake
2004-08-25 mega013 Chronology: VG Rock 2004
2004-10-01 NTCP-5021~3 Chrono Trigger Original Sound Versionクロノ・トリガー・オリジナル・サウンド・ヴァージョン
2004-10-01 NTCP-5024 Chrono Trigger Arranged Version: The Brink of Timeクロノ・トリガー・アレンジ・ヴァージョン -時の最果て-
2004-10-09 PSCD-003 Battle Field 2
2004-10-09 NEOCD-0001 FLOW
2004-12-30 SRND-0401 nostalgic melodies
2004-12-30 ABCD-0001 RayTracing
2004-12-30 ZCCD-0001 sweet Avenue
2004-12-30 RRCD-001 Desperate!!
2004-12-30 Lvlt-0006 Pre-Clsade
2005 N/A Vintageworks
2005-02-23 SQEX-10045 Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrackクロノ・トリガー オリジナル・サウンドトラック
2005-03-21 TPCD-0020 CHRONO CORRIDOR
2005-04-03 SPCD-01 Power of the Music
2005-05-01 JMCD0017 JMMIDI Best Hits -Relaxation Tracks- ~Prelude~ '05 M3 Edition
2005-06-13 JMCD0018 JMMIDI Best Hits -Relaxation Tracks- ~Natural~
2005-06-28 OUS-004 The OneUps Volume 1
2005-08-14 MJCD-0003 3rd GIG #Crescent
2005-08-14 JMCP0009~10 JMMIDI Best Hits Battle Collection ~Complete Edition~ Ver.2005
2005-08-14 MTK2-KM-003 Electric Light Plaza - Pararirodon広場の電灯 - ぱらりろどぉ~ん -
2005-08-14 Lvlt-0007 CLSADE
2005-08-15 KTBH-0005 Bruit de la verite
2005-08-31 N/A Plugged
2005-10-18 N/A The Chrono Trigger Mixtape, Vol. #1
2005-12-30 SBCD-0001 Sonna Baka na CD vol,0そんなバカなCD vol,0
2005-12-30 JMCP0019 JMMIDI Best Hits Battle Collection 3 ~The Last Desperate Struggle~
2005-12-30 AECD-0001 ART - Chrono Trigger Arrange Album
2006-01-03 OCRA-0006 Chrono Symphonic: A Cinematic Interpretation
2006-04-23 LGCD0002 Battle Syndrome
2006-04-29 YMCD-0001 Voyage From Yesterday ~Tooi Yakusoku~Voyage From Yesterday ~遠い約束~
2006-04-29 RSCD-0004 TYPE-R 2ND -Side CHRONO TRIGGER-
2006-06-22 C6F05-4 Square Enix Music Powered Vol.1スクウェア・エニックスMUSICパワード VOL.1
2006-08-13 XLPS-0008 RE:RESIST
2006-08-13 TPCD-0023 S
2006-10-09 N/A Denshi no Jii電子の爺
2006-10-09 SBCD-0002 Sonna Baka na CD vol,1そんなバカなCD vol,1
2006-10-09 ZCCD-0002 Bifrost - WAY TO CHRONOS
2006-10-28 N/A Select Start
2006-12-31 BM-02 Battle guyバトル野郎Battle Yarou
2006-12-31 TPCD-0024 SII
2006-12-31 FLOG-0001 Tsuyokute New Game - Chrono Trigger Arrange CD強くてニューゲーム
2006-12-31 FMCD-03 Chrono Trigger Famicom Sound Versionクロノ・トリガー ファミコン サウンド ヴァージョン
2006-12-31 JPSCD-0001 Niðhöggrニーズヘッグ
2007 WGCD-0002 wasag mixed tape
2007-02-21 KFSS-705U SQUAREDANCE ∞
2007-03-10 N/A Emergence
2007-03-19 OUS EP-00 The Mustin Collection
2007-04-29 BBCD-0001 Journey Through the Brilliant days.
2007-05-09 SQEX-10097 SQUARE ENIX BATTLE TRACKS Vol.1 SQUARE 1987-1996スクウェア・エニックス バトル・トラックスVol.1 SQUARE 1987-1996
2007-06-30 877569005377 GAME: Game & Anime Music Emotions
2007-08-17 N/A Forbidden Gotta
2007-08-17 N/A D.S.2
2007-08-17 N/A HappyBox preview
2007-08-17 EZCD-0016 EtlanZ Best Collection Series Vol.16 Ever Green ~Tapestry of Mana and Time~EtlanZ Best Collection Series Vol.16 Ever Green ~マナと時のタペストリー~
2007-08-17 N/A SQUARE no Naku Koro niSQUAREのなく頃に
2007-08-17 PPCD-0701 Resolution Trigger
2007-08-17 Lvlt-0009 Tranquilize
2007-10-25 OUS EP-03 Zombies Rocked My Neighbors
2008 N/A Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version Live
2008 N/A Influences
2008-08-16 PRSS-0003 STRAIGHT SPEED
2008-08-16 FMCD-05 Chrono Trigger Famicom Sound Version 2クロノ・トリガー ファミコン サウンド ヴァージョン2
2008-08-16 XLPS-0019 Distorted RealityDistorted Reality -Square Music Arrange Album-
2008-08-16 EZCD-0017 Game Music Battle climaXゲームミュージック バトル クライマックス
2008-08-16 CPCD-0006 Chrono Trigger remix
2008-09 N/A Chronological Gangster
2008-09-02 OUS-005 The OneUps Volume 2
2008-11-20 CTEX-2008 CHRONO TRIGGER ORCHESTRA EXTRA SOUNDTRACKクロノ・トリガー オーケストラ エクストラ サウンドトラック
2008-11-26 CTEX-2008 CHRONO TRIGGER ORCHESTRA EXTRA SOUNDTRACKクロノ・トリガー オーケストラ エクストラ サウンドトラック
2008-12-29 XLPS-0022~3 RE:COLLECTIONS
2008-12-29 SNGLY-001 Xing SongsXing Songs -カップリング・ソングズ-
2009 GMCD-0001 Famicom Bentoファミコン弁当
2009-01-01 N/A Gotta Rock 'Em All
2009-02-10 CTEX-2008 CHRONO TRIGGER ORCHESTRA EXTRA SOUNDTRACKクロノ・トリガー オーケストラ エクストラ サウンドトラック
2009-03-08 N/A Zenbu Miku全部ミク
2009-03-08 LRCD-007 Suwako de gowasuスワコデゴワス
2009-05-05 SCEX-0001 Karma
2009-05-05 LRCD-008 GAME!!
2009-05-19 N/A More Games
2009-07-15 SRCL-6993~4 Utsukushiki Hibi yo / Sayonara wa Itsumo Soba ni美しき日々よ/さよならはいつも側に
2009-07-20 N/A Low-tech Son with High-Tech Chan !!
2009-07-28 N/A R3BORN
2009-07-29 SQEX-10167~70 CHRONO TRIGGER ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKクロノ・トリガー オリジナル・サウンドトラック
2009-08-18 OUS-007 CHRONOTORIOUS
2009-08-22 RC003G Gallant Green
2009-08-22 RC003B Bomber Blue
2009-09-08 N/A Retro Remix Revue: Volume 2
2009-10-11 GNCD-02 AC Adapter KICK-OFF!ACアダプターKICK-OFF!
2009-11-01 RRR-2 Retro Remix Revue: Volume 2
2009-11-16 N/A Chrono Tied
2009-11-25 SQEX-10174 Love SQ
2009-11-25 N/A Love SQ
2009-12-16 OUS EP-07 Jingle All The Way
2009-12-18 N/A Bomber Blue / Gallant Green
2009-12-30 FMCD-08 Chrono Trigger Famicom Sound Version 3
2010 N/A Gromix #Hors-Série
2010-01-19 N/A Versus Video Games
2010-05-05 MTSC-12 Melodies ~RPG Piano Collection~
2010-05-05 ZVLN-0001 Zephyr Violin
2010-05-05 N/A Square Theme Arrange Mini Album
2010-05-05 ABCD005 Animus Breaks E.P.
2010-06-01 NSP-009 Forever Famicom
2010-08-13 FMCD-09 Chrono Trigger Famicom Sound Version 4
2010-08-14 DBT-2003 E-SQUARE
2010-08-14 ZVLN-0002 Zephyr Violin Duo
2010-09-15 SQEX-10202 Symphonic Fantasies - music from SQUARE ENIXスクウェア・エニックス ゲーム音楽コンサート
2010-09-17 476 404-2 Symphonic Fantasies
2010-10-19 SF 12324 VIDEO GAMES LIVE: LEVEL 2
2010-10-30 N/A DREAMERS ~A Tribute to Koji Kondo and Nobuo Uematsu~
2010-11-24 SQEX-10211 X'mas Collections music from SQUARE ENIXクリスマス・コレクションズ music from SQUARE ENIX
2010-12-14 N/A Symphonic Fantasies: Encore (Final Boss Suite)
2010-12-15 N/A Distant Memories Once Lost (Bright Reflections)
2010-12-15 N/A Distant Memories Once Lost (Dark Reflections)
2010-12-31 DMCD-0011 Weiβ Ritterヴァイス・リッター
2010-12-31 EZCD-EX01 EtlanZ 10th Anniversary Sound MemorialEtlanZ 10th Anniversary サウンドメモリアル
2011-02-27 N/A Unavenged
2011-03-02 SQEX-10238 More SQ
2011-04-01 FSRD-0012~3 Crystal Chronicle
2011-04-27 SE-M0005 SQ TRAX
2011-05-01 EZCD-EX02 Spell of Resurrection ~Memories of Game Music~ふっかつのじゅもん ~Memories of Game Music~Fukkatsu no Jumon ~Memories of Game Music~
2011-05-01 DODP-0001 Character's Collection 1 -CHRONO TRIGGER-
2011-06-15 KR-0108 Guitar solo SQUARE ENIX Official Best Collection CD BOOKギター・ソロ スクウェア・エニックス オフィシャル・ベストコレクション
2011-06-28 N/A 8 Bit Oblivion
2011-07-05 N/A Osamuraisan Selection vol.1.1おさむらいさんせれくしょん Vol.1.1
2011-07-10 N/A MUSIC SYSTEM I
2011-07-16 N/A The Power Cosmic
2011-07-18 N/A Pixel Glass
2011-08-01 N/A Versus Video Games 2
2011-08-12 DC-0003 Chrono Eve
2011-08-13 eJct-027 CHRONO TRIGGER ~Playing The End of Time~CHRONO TRIGGER~最果ての奏で~CHRONO TRIGGER ~Saihate no Kanade~
2011-08-23 N/A Game Over
2011-09 N/A Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack [DS Version]
2011-09-17 SQEX-10290 Cafe SQ Preview Mini AlbumCafe SQ 先行 Mini Album
2011-09-21 SQEX-10248 SQ Chips
2011-10 N/A Taste My Power
2011-10-21 eJct-027a CHRONO TRIGGER ~Playing The End of Time~ APPEND DISCCHRONO TRIGGER~最果ての奏で~ APPEND DISCCHRONO TRIGGER ~Saihate no Kanade~ APPEND DISC
2011-10-30 Lvlt-0013 Reconstructor
2011-10-30 SSLA-0002 S-studio2 Sound Collection 2001-2011 Vol.2 "chrono-sideS-studio2 Sound Collection 2001-2011 Vol.2 "chrono-side
2011-11-15 N/A The Mystical Age Of Snes
2011-11-23 SQEX-10276 Cafe SQ
2011-11-23 SQMEGAMIX-2011 SQ LoversSQ Lovers キャンペーン特典CDSQ Lovers Campaign Tokuten CD
2011-12-28 DERP-10017~8 Symphonic Odysseys TRIBUTE TO NOBUO UEMATSUシンフォニック・オデッセイズ~トリビュート・トゥ・植松伸夫
2011-12-30 N/A Videogames Covers 2011
2011-12-31 N/A FAMIPPELLA vol 1
2011-12-31 EZCD-EX03 LEGACY COLLECTION 01 -Songs of Crystals and Greenery-LEGACY COLLECTION 01 -水晶と緑の詩-LEGACY COLLECTION 01 -Suishou to Midori no Uta-
2011-12-31 EZCD-EX04 LEGACY COLLECTION 02 -Unmei ni Yasuragi wo-LEGACY COLLECTION 02 -運命にやすらぎを-
2012-01-07 EP-09 Bad Dudes 2012 MAGFest Sampler
2012-03-01 N/A Vocal Pack
2012-04-05 N/A Video Game Songs
2012-04-07 N/A Sounds of Time
2012-04-30 N/A SCANDAL
2012-04-30 N/A Fragment:Square
2012-04-30 STRL-0006 festa del "Chrono
2012-04-30 CKCD-0010 Bossa da Batalha
2012-04-30 CLPJ-0010 Star of Dreams星ノ夢Hoshi no Yume
2012-04-30 EZCD-EX05 Nekketsu Dai Ongaku Sai ~Friendship for Gamemusic~熱血大音楽祭 〜FRIENDSHIP FOR GAMEMUSIC〜
2012-05-14 N/A Videogame Covers 2012
2012-05-20 N/A Gaming Fantasy
2012-06-01 N/A Battlecake EP
2012-06-11 MSP-9612~3 Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo
2012-07-04 SQEX-10317 Beer SQ
2012-07-04 SQEX-10315~6 Beer SQ [Limited Edition]
2012-07-04 SQEX-10314 Battle SQ
2012-07-04 SQEX-10312~3 Battle SQ [Limited Edition]
2012-08-11 ABCD009 Ancient Breaks L.P.
2012-09-03 N/A No Phoenix Down Can Save You Now
2012-09-17 JOY-413 Chrono Trigger : The Last Day of the World Orchestra
2012-09-20 SQEX-10342 SQUARE ENIX Sound Effect Collection 2SQUARE ENIX 効果音集 2
2012-09-20 SQEX-10331~2 Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo - music from SQUARE ENIX
2012-10-18 N/A Volume 1
2012-10-23 AN 2 8734 Game Music / Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà
2012-10-28 STRL-0010 Pride & Glory
2012-11-06 X5CD118 The Greatest Video Game Music 2
2012-12-19 N/A More Video Game Songs
2012-12-31 OSMR-00009 Osamuraisan Selection vol.4 ~Rokugen Monogatari~おさむらいさんせれくしょんVol.4~六弦物語~
2012-12-31 EZCD-0026 Game Music Silent FieldGame Music サイレントフィールド
2012-12-31 EXTC-002 extra.SQUARE vol.2
2012-12-31 N/A Thanks a Million
2013-01-03 N/A Armcannon 3: Leg Vacuum 2
2013-01-18 JOY-552 A Bard's Side Quest
2013-01-24 EZCD-0021 Game Music Silent FieldGame Music サイレントフィールド
2013-01-31 N/A Chrono Ark - Original Soundtrack
2013-02-19 N/A Gametunes
2013-03-12 JOY-613 A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda
2013-03-16 N/A Dark World
2013-04-13 N/A Super Psyguy Bros. 3
2013-05-09 N/A Three Lives Left
2013-05-20 N/A unofficial remix collection
2013-05-28 N/A Video Game Piano Arrangements Vol. 1
2013-07-08 N/A Beyond The End of Time: An Orchestral Tribute to Chrono Trigger
2013-07-11 JOY-924 VGM Acapella: Volume 2
2013-07-26 N/A The Pink Album
2013-07-26 KDB214 The Pink Album
2013-08-22 LOUDR-1068 Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 1
2013-09 BRK CS1 Forever Famicom
2013-09-13 N/A Still Alive: Your Favorite Video Game Music On Ocarina
2013-09-24 LOUDR-1162 Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 2
2013-10-01 N/A Infection #02
2013-10-10 N/A Free ReMix Collection
2013-10-14 N/A Super Guitar Bros.
2013-10-27 N/A SCANDAL II
2013-10-27 FPCR-020 FMPSG020 -DECADE-
2013-11-05 N/A Video Game Music for Kids
2013-11-10 N/A SNES Generation
2013-11-22 N/A Harping on Video Games
2013-11-27 SQEX-10411 X'mas Collections II music from SQUARE ENIXクリスマス・コレクションズ II music from SQUARE ENIX
2013-12-11 SQEX-VV10412 Cure SQ/Holiday VILLAGE/VANGUARD Customer Bonus CDCure SQ/Holiday VILLAGE/VANGUARD 購入特典CD
2013-12-11 SQEX-SS10412 Cure SQ/Holiday Customer Bonus CDCure SQ/Holiday 購入特典CD
2013-12-11 SQEX-10412 Cure SQ
2013-12-24 N/A An OverClocked Christmas v.7
2014 N/A ROAR!
2014-01-03 N/A Freshman Year
2014-01-03 N/A Freshman Year
2014-01-30 LOUDR-2064 Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 3
2014-03-07 N/A Chrono Trigger: Jazz Arrange Version
2014-03-28 N/A Violin Playing Game Vol. 1
2014-04-11 N/A Live at Symphony Hall / Video Game Orchestra
2014-04-13 N/A The Greatest Bits - Chrono Trigger
2014-04-27 N/A The Farthest Memories
2014-04-27 N/A P'z Music Collection Volume.2 ~I love BASEBALL~
2014-05-10 N/A Stay Awhile and Listen
2014-05-28 SQEX-10434 SQ SWING
2014-05-28 SQEX-10440 Kazu SQ Non-Stop Mix!!!! "S和SQ ノンストップ Mix!!!! "S
2014-06-05 N/A Video Game Guitar Covers, Vol. 3
2014-06-14 N/A SAVE!
2014-06-18 N/A VGM Opus 1
2014-06-27 N/A Professor Layton & the Bay Harbor Butcher
2014-07-12 MPCH-001 Multiplayer: A Tribute to Video Games
2014-07-12 N/A Edge of Despair
2014-08-17 N/A NIJIにじ
2014-09-16 N/A VGM, Vol. 1
2014-09-18 N/A MITSUDA REIMAGINED: a chrono trigger - chrono cross - xenogears piano album
2014-10-01 SQEX-10448 Military Tune The Album
2014-10-26 TDM-0006 Beyond Time
2014-10-26 OJSN-0001 Game Cues
2014-10-26 N/A The Farthest Memories IIThe Farthest Memories Ⅱ
2014-11-22 N/A The Big Blue LP
2014-11-22 N/A Advent
2014-12-01 MSP-9612~3d Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo
2014-12-11 N/A Super VG Christmas Party
2015 N/A A Ticking Sound ~Side Zeal~刻の音~Side Zeal~
2015-02-06 N/A Violin Playing Game Vol. 2
2015-03-07 N/A Legend of the Boar Knight
2015-03-07 N/A Legend of the Boar Knight
2015-03-15 N/A Through Time and Space: Chrono Piano Album
2015-03-29 N/A Chrono Trigger Arrangements
2015-04-12 N/A Arcade Attack!
2015-04-20 N/A Worlds That Never Were
2015-04-20 PR14 Welcome To Warp Zone!
2015-04-26 EXCD-EX09 GAME MUSIC CROSS OVER NEXTゲームミュージッククロスオーバーネクスト
2015-04-26 PRMB-0005 P'z Music Collection vol.5 ~Chrono Trigger Famicom Style Arrange~P'z Music Collection vol.5 ~クロノ・トリガーファミコン風アレンジ~
2015-04-27 SMRC-1008 Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Volume II
2015-05-22 N/A Shiryu's Arcade Volume 10
2015-06-12 N/A The Boss Battle Album
2015-06-20 GMCD-0005 Famicom Bar
2015-07-03 N/A Warp Zone
2015-08-22 N/A Chronicles of Time: A Premonition
2015-09-17 SQEX-10512 SQUARE ENIX MUSIC Presents Life Style: relax
2015-10-09 N/A Chrono Trigger: Orchestral Selections Vol. I
2015-10-14 SQEX-10501 To Far Away Times: Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrangement Albumハルカナルトキノカナタヘ クロノ・トリガー&クロノ・クロス アレンジアルバムHarukanaru Toki no Kanata e: Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrangement Album
2015-10-26 N/A Live at Columbia Theatre
2015-11-12 N/A VG Metal Covers Vol. 2
2015-11-25 SQEX-10521~2 Last SQ
2015-12-16 SQEX-10517~8 To Far Away Times: Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrangement Album [LP]ハルカナルトキノカナタヘ クロノ・トリガー&クロノ・クロス アレンジアルバム [LP]Harukanaru Toki no Kanata e: Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrangement Album [LP]
2015-12-17 N/A Epoch
2015-12-31 N/A CHRONO MiXTURE
2016-01-26 N/A Boss Chamber Music
2016-02-14 N/A Chronicles of Time: A Chrono Trigger Arrangement Project
2016-02-19 N/A The Wreckening
2016-03-08 OCRA-0056 BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume III
2016-04-18 N/A Year 3 Collection
2016-04-20 N/A Como Joystick, pero con Jazz
2016-05-06 N/A Season 5
2016-05-06 N/A What the Forest Taught Me
2016-05-09 N/A Clockwork: A Chrono Trigger & Cross Tribute Album
2016-05-24 N/A Mariachi Entertainment System
2016-06-29 OCRA-0059 Esther's Dreams
2016-07-01 N/A Gallery
2016-07-18 N/A Square-UP
2016-08-01 N/A Chrono Trigger: Time Warp Melodies
2016-08-03 N/A Video Game Guitar Collection, Vol. 1
2016-08-12 N/A CHRONO MiXTURE II
2016-08-14 EZCD-0025 Game Music Battle Crisisゲームミューシック バトルクライシス
2016-08-22 OCRA-0060 Chronology: A Jazz Tribute to Chrono Trigger
2016-08-26 N/A The Best of SNES
2016-08-31 PR14 Welcome To Warp Zone!
2016-09-15 SQEX-10570 SQUARE ENIX MUSIC Presents Life Style: up!
2016-09-23 N/A VG Metal Covers Vol. 8
2016-10-31 OCRI-0009 Candy Corn
2016-11-04 MCOL-0011 Song Cycle: The History of Video Games
2016-11-04 MCOL-0012 Song Cycle: The History of Video Games (Karaoke Accompaniment)
2016-11-28 ME-010 Origins
2016-11-29 SMRC-1017 Scarlet Moon Christmas Album 2016
2016-11-29 N/A Restart
2016-12-09 MCOL-0013 Piano Collections: Chrono Trigger
2016-12-09 N/A Hero Muzik Vol II
2016-12-20 N/A Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo: Deluxe Triple Vinyl
2016-12-31 EZCD-0026 EtlanZ Best -15th Anniversary-
2017-01-05 N/A Arc Impulse
2017-01-06 N/A Single Player: Piano Arrangements of Video Game Music
2017-01-27 MCOL-0022 The Travelers
2017-01-31 OCRA-0061 Super Mario RPG: Window to the Stars
2017-02-10 88985351382 Game On!
2017-03-20 SMJ-Physical Super Monday Jam
2017-04-23 KDB214 The Pink Album
2017-04-29 N/A Epic Metal Covers Volume 1
2017-05-19 N/A MaSKArades Vol. X: Video Games
2017-07-14 N/A Bit by Bit
2017-07-14 N/A Adventures Through Time
2017-08-12 N/A Pink Sells.. / Singles
2017-08-31 N/A FANTASY REBORN VOL.I: a piano collection tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda
2017-09-14 N/A Video Game Metal
2017-09-20 00013 Timeline
2017-09-20 MCOL-0058 Timeline
2017-10-19 N/A Year 5
2017-10-29 N/A A Ticking Sound ~Side Glenn~刻の音~Side Glenn~
2017-12-29 EZCD-MA03 SUPER FAMICOM SOUND NEOスーパーファミコン サウンド ネオ
2018-01-17 N/A Rebirth: 2017 Covers
2018-02-12 N/A Rock on, Video Game Music!
2018-02-19 N/A Contraband: Reloaded
2018-03-11 N/A Café VGM
2018-03-12 N/A Todos Juegan!!!
2018-04-15 N/A Stage One
2018-04-29 EZCD-MA04 RPG Field Music BEST ~Boukensha-tachi no Kiseki~RPG Field Music BEST ~冒険者たちの軌跡~
2018-05-07 N/A Chrono Trigger World
2018-05-08 GLARK-0001 At the End of Time: A Tribute to Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger
2018-05-15 N/A Continue?
2018-06-03 N/A 4 Video Game Songs Revisited
2018-06-26 MCOL-0111 Repose: A Music Box Collection
2018-06-29 MCOL-0120 The Hit Points
2018-07-14 MCOL-0120-CDLE The Hit Points
2018-08-14 MCOL-0131 Music Box Classics: Chrono Trigger
2018-08-21 N/A I Don't Byte
2018-09-11 OCRI-0012 Sophomore Year
2018-09-14 N/A Metal Reimagining: Inspiration, Vol. 1
2018-09-29 N/A Wake Up! Chrono Cuts Volume 1
2018-10-06 N/A RockStalgia 2
2018-10-22 N/A All Your Nostalgia Are Belong to Me
2018-12-19 SQEX-10699 SQUARE ENIX JAZZ Vol.2
2019 SMRC-1018 The World is Square
2019-01-07 N/A Chrono Trigger: Orchestral Selections Vol. II
2019-01-18 N/A Con Sangre de Gamer
2019-01-18 MCOL-0177 MENU: An Homage to Game Title Themes
2019-02-01 SOR006 Gaijin Blues
2019-02-14 SMRC-1018 The World is Square
2019-03-18 OCRA-0070 Chronopolis: Music Inspired by Chrono Crossクロノポリス
2019-04-28 SQEX-10713 SQUARE ENIX MUSIC 15th Anniversary Arrangement Selection 2004-2019
2019-05-03 MCOL-0216 Between Earth and Sky (Music from "Chrono Trigger")
2019-05-21 N/A SNES Classics 1
2019-07-10 SQEX-20066 Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack Revival Disc
2019-08-02 N/A Chrono Cuts 2
2019-09-04 SQEX-10724 CHRONO TRIGGER Orchestral Arrangement
2019-09-04 SQEX-10727~9 CHRONO ORCHESTRA Arrangement BOX
2019-09-06 N/A Peaceful Days
2019-10-22 MCOL-0245 EPOCH: A Tribute to Chrono Trigger
2020-01-28 N/A Kara Comparetto Plays Mitsuda
2020-04-10 YTR-00056 Guardia: The X-Strike Sessions