Assassin's Creed II (product)

Album Releases

Date Catalog Name
2009-11-16 N/A Assassin's Creed II Original Game Soundtrack
2009-11-20 N/A Assassin's Creed II Bonus DVD
2011-11-15 300041125 Assassin's Creed Soundtrack
2011-12-05 N/A The Essential Games Music Collection Vol. 1
2012-05-20 N/A Gaming Fantasy
2012-09-06 ACE-001-1~6 ASSASSIN'S CREED EZIO SAGA Original Soundtrack
2012-12-18 JOY-525 Video Game Orchestrations Vol 1
2013-11-10 N/A SNES Generation
2014-07-12 MPCH-001 Multiplayer: A Tribute to Video Games
2015-10-02 SE-3145-2 Assassin's Creed II The Original Game Soundtrack
2016-05-12 N/A Ezio's Family / Srod Almenara & Alina Lesnik
2016-09-30 N/A Assassin's Creed: The Best of Jesper Kyd
2016-12-16 SL9-2031-1-1 Assassin's Creed: The Best of Jesper Kyd