AIR (product)


Album Releases

Date Catalog Name
2000 N/A Blue Skies -Real Blue MIX-青空 -Real Blue MIX-
2000-07-14 ICD-66002 I'VE GIRLS COMPILATION 2 Verge
2000-07-28 KYCD-0303 Ornithopter -AIR Original Compilation Album-
2000-08-10 CNM-005 Second Creation2
2000-08-12 ZTSL-002 TurnR
2000-08-12 WDCD-0016 Altis
2000-08-12 MSCD-0002 respectYes,I've!" Fan Album Project Vol.1 "respect
2000-08-12 LWCD-0002 KANONONEかののね
2000-09-17 N/A Second Creation2 LE
2000-10-22 UCMC-0009 KEY Arrange Music Album "Fine Sky
2000-10-22 WRCD-0002 AutumnBreeze
2000-10-22 DCMA-0001 Porta Fortuna
2000-12-30 SRRS-0007 CieloCielo "Aire-01" AIR Arrange Maxi Single Series
2000-12-30 GCFT-0001 AIR Arranged Album "AIRiness
2000-12-30 AMS-CD003 AMS Arrange SoundTrack of Favorite Games "just as one likes
2000-12-30 QLFX-0020 PlumePlume ~set me free, from far distance...~
2000-12-30 N/A Special issue of Girl-Game "B.L.T.ギャルゲー増刊"B.L.T.Galge Zoukan "B.L.T.
2000-12-30 RLCD-0007 Strawberry Chantilly
2000-12-30 JVAL-0002 Remember Me
2000-12-30 WDCD-0017 Themis
2000-12-30 CPNL-0001 inherit the memory
2000-12-30 WVST-0004 Unlock
2000-12-30 KZCD-0001 Variant Leaves
2000-12-30 N/A Home
2001 N/A up in the AIR
2001-01-20 SRRS-E001 mixin' 1
2001-01-21 N/A Songs
2001-02-01 CPNL-0001 Yume wo Tsugumono -inherit the memory-夢を継ぐもの inherit the memory
2001-02-02 OEMM-0024 PlumePlume ~set me free, from far distance...~
2001-02-12 LMCD-0001 BPM130OVER
2001-03-18 DCMA-0002 Adorazione
2001-03-25 N/A Perpetual Change
2001-04-01 TPCD-0004 Innocent Atrium
2001-04-30 OEMM-0025 MACHIDA ~ooedo Express mail Special CD 2001~
2001-05-13 PT-0001 Passing Works
2001-06-24 N/A Perpetual Change 24MIX burn
2001-06-24 CNM-011 Perpetual Change 24MIX Pressパーペチュアルチェンジ 24ミックス プレス
2001-07-08 SOUNDO-01 AIR EuroRemix
2001-07-20 TPCD-0006 Stake-out Prison
2001-07-20 PPKN-0002 sea of clouds
2001-07-20 MGRV-0002 Ashikaze to Natta Junpaku no Hane ga, Kokuyoku ni Dakare Sora o Mau桎(あしかせ)となった純白の羽根が 黒翼に抱かれ空を舞う
2001-07-20 LMCD-0002 BPM130OVER Vol.2
2001-08 CMSI-001 Tooi Kono Michi遠いこの道
2001-08-08 IO-0037 Girl Game CD
2001-08-10 KSLA-0001 Humanity... / WORK-S
2001-08-10 KSLA-0002 Natukage / nostalgiaKEY + LIA Natukage / nostalgia
2001-08-10 GMLS-0004 AIRness - BEST SOUND of GameMusicLibrary Special
2001-08-10 ZTSL-003 AEON
2001-08-10 GCFT-0003 AIR Arranged Album "AIRiness Replice
2001-08-10 UCMC-0010 Key Arrange & Original Vocal Album "Songbirds
2001-08-10 MSCD-0006 variousYes,I've!" Fan Album Project Vol.3 "various
2001-08-10 TURC-0001a~b AIR & TriangleHeart Image Vocal Album -yoin-翼音 -yoin- AIR & TriangleHeart Image Vocal Album
2001-08-10 HYMR-002 Earth Like -AIR arrange album-
2001-08-10 CPNL-0002 Brightness Falls From The Airかがやくもの天より堕ちKagayaku Mono Ten yori Ochi
2001-08-10 SPCD-000 Prevue
2001-08-10 CGMA-001 Atmosphere
2001-08-10 N/A ...Beginning
2001-08-10 AKUT-0001 grass
2001-08-12 Lvlt-0001 EDGE
2001-08-12 SRRS-0010 EstreliaEstrelia "Aire-02" AIR Arrange Maxi Single Series
2001-08-31 PGCD01 Innocent Scene
2001-09-16 OEMM-0029 Air in ooedo Express mail Special CD 2001あぃ~ん ooedo Express mail Special CD 2001
2001-10-11 MLCD-0001 ciel etoile
2001-10-14 SRRS-E002 mixin' 2
2001-10-28 N/A Atmosphere.
2001-11-25 N/A Look over aroundaristocrate REMIX and ORIGINAL TRACKS "Look over around
2001-12-29 DZCD-0001 Plumage
2001-12-30 AKHT-0001 Key Metal鍵METAL
2001-12-30 CCCD-0001 Beat KeyBeat鍵
2001-12-30 WPRL-0001 Mikaduki巫歌月 -みかづき-
2001-12-30 KME-0002 HOPE -AIR Arrange Album-
2001-12-30 UCMC-0011 Unchiku Company Best Selection "Fuyu no OmoideUnchikuCompany BestSelection ふゆのおもいで
2001-12-30 SRRS-0011 Verde
2001-12-30 GCFT-0005 Pure SNOW ~ Studio Mebius Image & Remix Album
2001-12-30 NPA-CD009 Key Mode Premium CD Vol.9Key Mode プレミアムCD Vol.9
2001-12-30 MSCD-0007 possibilityYes,I've!" Fan Album Project Ver3.51 "possibility
2001-12-30 LMCD-0003 BPM130over SpecialBPM130overすぺしゃる
2001-12-30 ESTR-0005 Atmosphere
2001-12-30 GML-0005 White Powder Snow -BEST SOUND of GameMusicLibrary vol.5-
2001-12-30 KZCD-0002 moment of truth
2001-12-30 URCD-0003 AIRISM SYNDROME
2001-12-30 KMCA-005 Tsubasa
2002-03-08 RSW-1001 RESOUND WAV. Compilation総集編
2002-03-24 TPCD-0010 Occupation RED
2002-04-07 UCMC-0012 Key-band鍵盤 ~Key-band~
2002-04-14 NTPM-001 White Wish
2002-04-28 PPKN-0003 heart of heaven
2002-04-28 UKST-1001 Scene-I
2002-04-28 OEMM-0045 MOTOMACHI-KANNON元町観音
2002-04-28 AKUT-0002 magicalbox
2002-04-29 N/A Chronicle Wavearistocrate Remix Tracks 2 "Chronicle Wave
2002-05-12 KME-0002 HOPE -AIR Arrange Album-
2002-06-16 PSGM-0001~2 Key Reality
2002-06-16 NTPM-002 Wing Beat-XE-
2002-06-30 RSW-0003 CLEAR
2002-08-02 RSW-0003 CLEAR
2002-08-11 LWBL-0001 B·INFINITY: Boys Character Only Image Arrangement Album
2002-08-11 CT-0001 Key Techno鍵テクノ
2002-08-11 ZTSL-006 VAGUE
2002-08-11 N/A A Young Person's Guide to UNION
2002-08-11 NTPM-003 Wing Beat
2002-09-23 AKUT-1002 fuuka風華
2002-10-27 ZTSL-007 Selfregards
2002-12-30 WPRL-0003 Feadan Cridhe
2002-12-30 UCMC-0014 Soukyuu Yasou ~Tsukihime • Key Piano Arrange Album~蒼穹夜想 ~月姫・Keyピアノアレンジアルバム~
2002-12-30 CSCD-0202 CS.U/KEY
2002-12-30 DMC-0001 White and Blue
2002-12-30 NPA-BSF05 nepi besuねぴベス
2002-12-30 N/A U-Key Mix II
2002-12-30 LMCD-0004 BPM130over Vol.3
2002-12-30 KZCD-0003 Outer Limits
2002-12-30 NAMA-0001 acoustic guitar de "air
2003-03-16 RSW-0007 AirAria AIR Arrangement sound track
2003-04-29 UCMC-0015 Piacere
2003-04-29 AMCD-3 Pianist.
2003-05 SOUNDO-03 Non-stop AIR EuroRemix Mini-album Arrange title 'Air'
2003-06-15 RSW-0008 pf II - The piano which plays memory: Arrangement section
2003-06-15 NTPM-005 CASTALIA 03 -Danza Technodelic Arrange CD-
2003-08-17 ZTSL-009 VAGUE2
2003-08-17 LMCD-0006 BPM130overFinal
2003-08-17 GT-003 SETSUGETSUKA With NYO雪月崋 -SETSUGETSUKA- With にょ
2003-08-17 IWAM-08 GAMETALゲーメタル ゲームソング・メタルアンソロジー
2003-08-17 GCCD-0004 GC-Clusterz Memorial Works vol.4
2003-08-17 AKUT-0003 brilliant flowers
2003-09-07 N/A U-Key Mix III
2003-10-13 NKBM-0001 Night Stream
2003-12-28 KSLA-0010 Kanon AIR Piano Arrange Album Re-feel
2003-12-28 HKMP-OTO07 AIR Family Computer ArrangeAIRファミコンアレンジ
2003-12-30 ARCD0001 The regret of stars, but stars shine bright.
2003-12-30 MBCD-0002 snow in my heart
2003-12-30 UEKI-0005 MAJI-NAMA!まじなま!
2003-12-30 UKST-1004 VOCALIZM3 -World&Life-
2003-12-30 LCMD-0007 BPM150over Phase.01
2003-12-30 AETR-0001 AIR Healing
2003-12-30 GCCD-CW01 GC-clusterz Creative Works Vol.1 "White SkyGC-clusterz Creative Works Vol.1「ホワイト・スカイ」
2004 N/A Re-Birth
2004-01-20 EMBK-EX01 EMBRYO Piano Works
2004-03 N/A Pure Snows
2004-05-02 NKBM-0002 Melting SnowゆきどけYukidoke
2004-05-27 SOH-0002 KEEPER OF METAL KEY
2004-08-15 AETR-0003 Kizuna (CLANNAD Arrange Album)絆-kizuna- (CLANNAD-クラナド- アレンジ アルバム)Kizuna
2004-08-15 PPSR-0001 GO FOR IT!!!
2004-08-15 OEMM-0075 O-721
2004-09-19 WPLD-0000 Setsugekka雪月花
2004-12-30 PPSR-0003 voluntary
2004-12-30 AMCD-0004 HAKAGI JAZZ葉鍵JAZZ
2004-12-30 IWAM-11 GAMETAL 2nd DarknessGAMETAL(ゲーメタル) 2nd Darkness
2005 N/A key Improv Arrange: All 17 Trackskey即興アレンジ全17曲key Sokkyou Arrange Chon-17-Kyoku
2005 N/A key Music Piano Improv Arrange CDkey曲ピアノ即興アレンジCDkey Kyoku Piano Sokkyou Arrange CD
2005-03-13 EZCD-0011 Game Music "Chronicleゲームミュージック "クロニクル
2005-03-13 N/A Sensitive
2005-03-13 N/A Game Music "Chronicle" -The First Edition-
2005-03-25 FCCM-0066 AIR the motion picture Soundtrack劇場版「AIR」サウンドトラックGekijouban AIR Soundtrack
2005-04-24 EZCD-0011 Game Music "Chronicleゲームミュージック "クロニクル
2005-05-01 NKBM-0004 Winter→Spring
2005-05-29 N/A TAM & PICO key Arrange CDTAM & ぴこ key Arrange CD
2005-05-29 N/A TAM & UNO Collab CD ~ key AirTAM&UNOコラボCD key Air
2005-08-05 AIR-0004~5 AIR the motion picture Special Edition Bonus Discs劇場版 AIR スペシャル・エディション 特典CD
2005-08-12 KSLA-0018 KEY Compilation Mini Album "Ma-Na
2005-08-14 PPCD-0501 VAIN CRY
2005-08-14 UKST-1007 VOCALIZM6 -SouthSea&SummerSong-
2005-08-14 N/A Ocean AIR & CLANNAD ArrangeWorks
2005-08-14 VDK-0014 es
2005-08-14 ICDA-0004 [email protected][email protected] -エアトラ-
2005-08-14 SUCD-0009 Tama ni wa, Mannaka kara, Nekosogi, Erabou!たまには 真ん中から 根こそぎ 選ぼう!
2005-08-14 NAMA-0004~5 Namaoto Shugi Works 2002-2005生音主義 Works 2002-2005
2005-08-14 CCCD-0009 COOL&CREATE Trial Version体験版
2005-08-24 FCCP-0009 Drama CD AIR Vol.1 Misuzu Kamio DREAM -The first part-ドラマCD AIR 第1巻 神尾観鈴・DREAM -前編-Drama CD AIR Dai-1-kan Misuzu Kamio DREAM -Zenpen-
2005-08-24 FCCP-0010 Drama CD AIR Vol.2 Kano Kirishima DREAM -The first part-ドラマCD AIR 第2巻 霧島佳乃・DREAM -前編-Drama CD AIR Dai-2-kan Kano Kirishima DREAM -Zenpen-
2005-08-24 FCCP-0011 Drama CD AIR Vol.3 Minagi Tohno DREAM -The first part-ドラマCD AIR 第3巻 遠野美凪・DREAM-前編-Drama CD AIR Dai-3-kan Minagi Tohno DREAM -Zenpen-
2005-09-12 YDKT-0003 Enchanted Waves
2005-09-18 AQSH-0001 Luminous -hikari-
2005-10-08 N/A Touhou & key Piano Solo CD (Ver0.1)東方&keyピアノソロCD Ver0.1
2005-10-08 N/A Touhou & key Piano & Violin東方&key ピアノ&バイオリン
2005-10-21 FCCP-0012 Drama CD AIR Vol.4 Misuzu Kamio DREAM -The latter part-ドラマCD AIR 第4巻 神尾観鈴・DREAM-後編-Drama CD AIR Dai-4-kan Misuzu Kamio DREAM -Kouhen-
2005-10-21 FCCP-0013 Drama CD AIR Vol.5 Kano Kirishima DREAM -The latter part-ドラマCD AIR 第5巻 霧島佳乃・DREAM-後編-Drama CD AIR Dai-5-kan Kano Kirishima DREAM -Kouhen-
2005-10-21 FCCP-0014 Drama CD AIR Vol.6 Minagi Tohno DREAM -The latter part-ドラマCD AIR 第6巻 遠野美凪・DREAM-後編-Drama CD AIR Dai-6-kan Minagi Tohno DREAM -Kouhen-
2005-11-03 N/A Touhou & key Piano Solo CD (Ver0.2)東方&keyピアノソロCD Ver0.2
2005-11-03 N/A key & Touhou 03 ~ Yuu with TAM 01key&東方03 悠withTAM01
2005-11-25 FCCP-0015 Drama CD AIR Vol.7 SUMMERドラマCD AIR 第7巻 SUMMERDrama CD AIR Dai-7-kan SUMMER
2005-12-22 FCCP-0016 Drama CD AIR Vol.8ドラマCD AIR 第8巻Drama CD AIR Dai-8-kan
2005-12-25 N/A Violin Collaborationバイオリン・コラボレーション
2005-12-30 CTBR-0006 The best compilation
2006-01-25 FCCP-0017 Drama CD AIR Vol.9 AIR ~ Farewell songドラマCD 第9巻 AIR~Farewell songDrama CD AIR Dai-9-kan ~ Farewell song
2006-02-12 N/A TAMUSIC 2nd Concert CDTAMUSIC 第2回コンサートCD
2006-03-24 UCMC-0027 Soukyuuteki Key-band蒼穹的鍵盤
2006-04-29 SICD-004 IA-STYLE/L+K
2006-04-29 SPMU-0001 blue window
2006-04-29 AAGA-0001 be with a practice!
2006-04-29 WAS-01 Motion Of Eternity
2006-05-03 KSLA-0022 AIR Analog Collector's Edition: Tori no Uta/Farewell songAIR アナログコレクターズエディション "鳥の詩/Farewell song
2006-06-23 KSLA-0023~4 OTSU Club Music Compilation Vol. 1
2006-08-11 PPCD-0601 Mechanized Emotion
2006-08-13 WAVE-0015 AIR Arranged Sound Album ARIAAIR" Arranged Sound Album ARIA
2006-08-13 CTBR-0008 Become Happy!!
2006-08-13 AETR-0005 LE:mix -Limited Edition:mix-
2006-08-13 GP-01 Various festa
2006-08-13 CT05-OR02 Selfish Color
2006-08-13 PRIM-1001/2 Real Fantasy二次元演奏会 the CD
2006-08-27 AQSH-0009 What a Happiness!!
2006-12-31 TAM3-0008 TAMs Lucky BagTAMの福袋TAM no Fukubukuro
2006-12-31 XLPS-0009 Claire
2006-12-31 XLPS-0010 Violet
2006-12-31 KNKS-0002 Kagiotoかぎおと
2006-12-31 UI-0081 Dame Ningen no Kiseki 1999~2003 DXダメ人間の軌跡 1999~2003 DX
2006-12-31 N/A D.S.1
2006-12-31 PRIM-0002 Real Fantasy二次元演奏会 the DVD
2007-02-12 TAM3-0009 Touhou Manga Matsuri Onban Bunbunmaru II東方まんがまつり音盤文々。Ⅱ
2007-02-12 TAM3-0010 TAMovie directors.Edition
2007-04-22 SFNC-0005 Touhou Suisougaku東方萃奏楽
2007-04-29 int5987 Message From Innocent World
2007-04-29 N/A Key Songs Acoustic vol.1
2007-06-10 TAM3-0014 TAM & PICO Collaboration CD - Early WorksTAM&PICO コラボCD 初期作品集TAM & PICO Collab CD - Shoki Sakuhinshuu
2007-06-17 HSY-005 Shizuyakana Ichinichi静やかな一日
2007-06-20 QLCD-0007 Lia/LIA COLLECTION ALBUM Special Limited BOX
2007-06-20 PCCA-90028 Lia/LIA COLLECTION ALBUM Special Limited BOX
2007-06-25 PSC-0001 Key Sound Selections ~first edition only Demonstration Disk~
2007-08-17 DLMS-0002 Linkup remix side trance & progressive vol.1
2007-08-17 COCD-0003 Zenith
2007-08-17 WAVE-0024 message
2007-08-17 SICD-019 IA-STYLE/B1
2007-08-17 TAM3-0018 5th TAMUSIC Concert ~Key Compilation~第5回TAMUSICコンサート ~key編~5th TAMUSIC Concert ~key-hen~
2007-08-17 TAM3-0020 AIR Collab CD - Shoki SakuhinshuuAirコラボCD 初期作品集
2007-08-17 N/A Acoustic Air
2007-08-17 PPKN-0006 Gakki Seikatsu. ~Summer 2007 Edition~楽器生活。〜2007夏号〜
2007-08-19 UCMC-0032 Luxsius
2007-09-19 PCCA-90029 Lia*COLLECTION ALBUM Vol.1 Diamond Days
2007-09-19 QLCD-0008~9 Lia*COLLECTION ALBUM Vol.1 Diamond Days
2007-10-08 KNKS-0005P NaTsuOtoなつおと
2007-10-08 GCFT-0040 haq. Remixes BEST CHRONICLOTH
2007-10-17 PCCA-90030 Lia*COLLECTION ALBUM Vol.2 Crystal Voice
2007-10-17 QLCD-0010~1 Lia*COLLECTION ALBUM Vol.2 Crystal Voice
2007-10-20 FSCD-0005 First Sounds 5
2007-12-31 N/A S.B.S.P 5th ANNIVERSARY BEST ALBUM - UNatural
2007-12-31 AECD-011 Angel Rings
2007-12-31 RCCP-0003 Sound of Princess☆さうんど おぶ ぷりんせす☆
2007-12-31 TRBL-0002 Snowstorm
2007-12-31 utage-02005 Healing?
2007-12-31 RSCD-0007 TYPE-R 3rd -Side Key-
2007-12-31 CT06-OR03 Revolution
2007-12-31 N/A Fe no Net Boku to Kimi toフェノネトボクトキミト
2007-12-31 FMCD-0002 Little Breaker!りとぶれっ!Ritoburetsu!
2008-03-09 AQSH-0019 Merry Go Round !
2008-05-11 N/A FREEDOM
2008-08-16 N/A NON, STOP☆HEROINES!!
2008-08-16 DLMS-0007 Linkup remixside Key vol.1
2008-08-16 SORR-00049 scenic -key classical collect-
2008-08-16 FMCD-0001 Walhalla
2008-08-16 TAM3-0032 6th TAMUSIC Concert第6回TAMUSICコンサート
2008-08-16 ALCE-0801 Beauteous Rain
2008-08-16 WHNO-1009 Latchkey Lovers
2008-08-16 SPMU-0004 Amazing Life -Key Arrange Album-
2008-08-16 FWCD-0001 Summer Flowers
2008-08-16 RYCD-0003 Oukiraku逢季樂〜おうきらく〜
2008-08-16 MBCD-0015 Light Blue
2008-08-17 BSCD-001 blue stripesぶるーすとらいぷす
2008-08-17 CGCD-0002 BestFriends! ~Kono Sora he Takaku~BestFriends!~この空へ高く~
2008-08-17 PRIM-1004 Piano Chronicle: Introduction of DOJIN PIANOPiano Chronicle: 歴代名曲 弾いてみた!!Piano Chronicle: Rekidai Meikyoku Hiite Mita!!
2008-10-13 INDL-0002 Fabricated memories
2008-10-13 N/A reprise the future
2008-11-24 SDHC-0001 S.D.HARDCORE vol.1
2008-12-03 TOCT-26595~6 Techno Pop☆Animeテクノポップ☆アニメ
2008-12-17 LACA-5826 ENSON2 ~ COVER SONGS COLLECTION Vol.2 / Masaaki Endoh
2008-12-28 KSLA-0045~6 KSL Live World 2008 ~Way to the Little Busters! EX~
2008-12-29 XLPS-0022~3 RE:COLLECTIONS
2008-12-29 N/A Trinity
2008-12-29 SDFN-0003 Love affair
2008-12-29 RMT002 let ride on the back beat
2008-12-29 FWCD-0002 Autumn Flowers
2008-12-29 SNGLY-001 Xing SongsXing Songs -カップリング・ソングズ-
2008-12-29 MRCD-0003 maro☆spec Complete Edition
2008-12-29 SGNR-001 eclair -key arrange CD-
2009-02-28 KSLA-0048 OTSU:Blasterhead
2009-02-28 N/A Key 10th Memorial Score
2009-02-28 KSLC-0004~5 KEY 10th MEMORIAL FES Anniversary CD
2009-03-08 LOLI-0010 Touhou World Music Chronicle -No.2-東方俗楽譚 -其の弐-Touhou Zokugakutan -Sono Ni-
2009-04-01 PCCG-90031 enigmaticLIA3 -worldwide collection- | LIA
2009-05-05 MJCD-0010 Vivid Colors -KEY tribute album-
2009-05-05 HLZY-0001 H -Heart and Beat Technology-
2009-05-05 ABCD003 Anima Breaks E.P.
2009-07-18 TAM3-0047 Air Violin
2009-08-15 RMT004 compact
2009-08-15 HNBD-001 koe
2009-08-15 N/A Sora no Maki空の巻
2009-08-15 N/A Wind BOX!!
2009-08-15 BSCD-003 KeyRing Atrie vol.2
2009-08-16 YUKI-0004 Natsukage ~Ano Hikoukigumo o Koeta, Sono Saki e~夏影 ~あの飛行機雲を超えた、その先へ~
2009-08-26 ATCD-21001 ANIME HOUSE PROJECT ~Kamikyoku selection vol.1~ANIME HOUSE PROJECT ~神曲 selection vol.1~
2009-09-23 UCEX-0002 Memoire
2009-12-30 N/A Simple Box
2009-12-31 FTCD-009 Bye bye!
2010-04-28 ATCD-21004 ANIME HOUSE PROJECT ~Kamikyoku Selection age↑mix zero~ANIME HOUSE PROJECT ~神曲ぶちage↑mix zero~
2010-05-05 CPCD-0010 Air of Life
2010-05-05 N/A Naisho no Aozoraないしょの青空
2010-05-05 SORR-00070 Sonic RevolutionSonic Revolution 10th AniversaryThe History of Sonic Revolution*Complete Albums 2000-2005
2010-08-14 N/A Re:alize
2010-08-14 FID-0002 Mingled Burst!!!
2010-08-15 YUKI-0005 Tori no Uta -primal sky-鳥の詩 -primal sky-
2010-10-31 TDDC-0008 floatear -Sora ga Aoi Shiawase-floatear -空が青い幸せ-
2010-11-24 ATCD-10026 ANIME HOUSE PROJECT ~Kamikyoku BEST selection~ANIME HOUSE PROJECT ~神曲BEST selection~
2010-12-28 QLCD-0021~2 enigmaticLIA4C79 SPECIAL EDITION enigmaticLIA4
2011-03-16 BVCL-196 Nakeru Anime Song / Chihiro Yonekura泣けるアニソン / 米倉千尋
2011-05-01 YUKI-0007 planetarian ~the song of a little planet~planetarian ~ちいさなほしのうた~planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Uta~
2011-05-01 TRCD-0001 PUDDLE
2011-06-22 QLC-00001 enigmaticLIA 4 -Anthemical Keyworlds-
2011-06-24 KSLA-0071 Key+Lia Best 2001-2010
2011-07-05 N/A Osamuraisan Selection vol.1.1おさむらいさんせれくしょん Vol.1.1
2011-08-13 LLAC-0006 Heavenly Beats
2011-08-13 N/A Key piano forte -kanade-
2011-08-13 TRBL-0009 Lover's High!
2011-08-13 BBR-01 AMARETTO
2011-10-30 SSLA-0001 S-studio2 Sound Collection 2001-2011 Vol.1 "key-sideS-studio2 Sound Collection 2001-2011 Vol.1 "key-side
2011-10-30 N/A Key Piano ArrangeKeyピアノあれんじ
2011-10-30 LLCD-0002 Lost Girls
2011-12-29 VQCD-0003 HoKey PoKey -Key Cover Song Collection-
2011-12-30 SORR-00093 LATENCY ANGEL
2011-12-30 VSCD-0007 Undressed
2011-12-31 BR-0014 hope of winter door
2011-12-31 N/A Sweets!
2011-12-31 N/A Past of Wind
2012-04-30 ATZR-0001 posto felice
2012-04-30 TSCD-001 NIZIGIRLにじがーる!
2012-04-30 N/A Memories Of Those Hometowns
2012-04-30 N/A Fragment:Key
2012-05-25 KSLA-0079 Key + VOCALOID Best selection vol.1
2012-05-27 SFNC-0035~7 Silver Forest 2006-2012 BEST I
2012-07-29 KSLA-0085~6 Visual Art's 20th Anniversary Remixes
2012-07-29 KSLA-0084 KEYNOTE -Key Sounds Remix Album- / Soshi Hosoi
2012-07-29 VA20-0001~2 Visual Art's 20th Anniversary CDビジュアルアーツ20周年記念CD
2012-08-11 SGNM-002 Euphoric Tears
2012-08-11 SLRC-0003 End of Summer
2012-10-24 KSLA-0082~3 circle of fifth
2012-10-28 SSLA-0004 Sennen Monogatari ~air arrange soundtrack~千年物語 ~air arrange soundtrack~
2012-12-29 KSLA-0090 KeyCLASSIC
2012-12-31 N/A KnowLedge
2012-12-31 N/A Aozora o Mezashite青空をめざして
2013-05-12 YUKI-0013 Nostalgia -Mirage of Key-
2013-08-12 N/A The Remains
2013-08-12 DGLG-0007 Harmony on the Palette
2013-10-27 AOZR-0002 Colorful
2014 N/A Magical Album Vol.1
2014-03-28 KSLA-0090 KeyCLASSIC
2014-05-28 SCGA-00006 Anison Piano ~marasy animation songs cover on piano~
2014-08-17 NOCT-0007 Key've鍵've
2014-12-30 N-05RM2014 FLOWiNG AROUND
2014-12-30 KACC-0001 White Drops
2015-04-11 KSLC-0014~5 Key 15th Fes. pamphlet CD Keep The Dancing Beats! / efflorescence
2015-08-16 KACC-0002 Blue Stratos
2015-12-09 AVCD-93302/B ANIME CLASSIC / Ayako Ishikawa [with DVD]ANIME CLASSIC / 石川綾子 [DVD付]
2015-12-09 AVCD-93303 ANIME CLASSIC / Ayako IshikawaANIME CLASSIC / 石川綾子
2016-10-30 KACC-0003 Sepia Portraits
2016-12-29 KSLA-0127 I've × Key Collaboration Album
2016-12-29 KSLA-0124~6 Modification of Key Sounds Label
2017-12-29 KSLA-0145 Key Acoustic Arrange Album: Humans pleasure
2018-05-06 KSLC-0019~20 KSL Live World 2018 Pamphlet CD
2018-09-24 AVRS-0002 Key ORCHESTRA CONCERT 2018Keyオーケストラ・コンサート2018
2019-05-29 AKCM-0001 Key Best Song Remix - to the Future -