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Date Catalog Name
2010-05-05 CKCD0002 Let's Play NEW GAME!!Let's Play NEW GAME!!Let's Play NEW GAME!!
2011-08-13 CKCD0007 That Wonderful Music… Vol.1 ~The Blue World~その素敵な音楽を・・・Vol.1 〜蒼の世界〜Sono Sutekina Ongaku wo… Vol.1 ~Ao no Sekai~
2011-10-30 CKCD0009 Save The SoulSave The SoulSave The Soul
2012-04-30 CKCD-0010 Bossa da BatalhaBossa da BatalhaBossa da Batalha
2012-12-31 CKCD0013 That Wonderful Music… Vol.2 ~Rose Garden~その素敵な音楽を・・・Vol.2 〜薔薇の園〜Sono Sutekina Ongaku wo… Vol.2 ~Bara no En~
2013-04-29 CKCD0014 Sound of CrystalSound of CrystalSound of Crystal
2013-10-27 CKCD0016 Love Heart Beat!!Love Heart Beat!!Love Heart Beat!!
2015-08-16 CKCD0020 That Wonderful Music… Vol.3 ~Orange Princess~その素敵な音楽を・・・Vol.3 〜黄昏の謳姫〜That Wonderful Music… Vol.3 ~Orange Princess~
2016-10-30 CKCD0023 Bossa da Batalha IIBossa da Batalha IIBossa da Batalha II