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Date Catalog Name
2006-05-21 N/A EVOLUTION RUSH -opus tuned-EVOLUTION RUSH -opus tuned-EVOLUTION RUSH -opus tuned-
2006-08-13 RNCD-0001 TautologyTautologyTautology
2012-05-27 RNCD-0001 Toho Saiseikyo ~Truth in Darkness~東方彩醒響 ~Truth in Darkness~Toho Saiseikyo ~Truth in Darkness~
2012-05-27 N/A Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai 9 R-note Omake CD第九回博麗神社例大祭 あ~るの~と おまけCDHakurei Jinja Reitaisai 9 R-note Omake CD
2012-08-11 RNCD-0002 Touhou Suirenkyou ~Trick of Brilliance~東方粋蓮響 ~Trick of Brilliance~Touhou Suirenkyou ~Trick of Brilliance~
2012-08-11 N/A Comic market 82 R-note Omake CDComic market 82 あ~るの~と おまけCDComic market 82 R-note Omake CD
2012-12-30 RNCD-0003 Touhou Housenkyou ~Trap of Labyrinth~東方蓬千響 ~Trap of Labyrinth~Touhou Housenkyou ~Trap of Labyrinth~
2013-05-26 RNCD-0004 Touhou Soukakyou ~Trip in Distance~東方奏華響 ~Trip in Distance~Touhou Soukakyou ~Trip in Distance~
2013-05-26 N/A Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai Reitaisai 10 Omake CD博麗神社例大祭例大祭10 おまけCDHakurei Jinja Reitaisai Reitaisai 10 Omake CD
2013-08-12 RNCD-0005 Touhou Tenkikyou ~Truck for Lightness~東方天姫響~Truck for Lightness~Touhou Tenkikyou ~Truck for Lightness~
2013-12-30 RNCD-0006 Touhou Yuushinkyou ~Trade for Heartiness~東方悠心響~Trade for Heartiness~Touhou Yuushinkyou ~Trade for Heartiness~
2014-08-16 RNCD-0008 Touhou Strash!東方ストラッシュ!Touhou Strash!
2014-10-12 RNCD-0009 Touhou M-1 Grand Prix ~Sound Collection~東方M-1ぐらんぷり ~Sound Collection~Touhou M-1 Grand Prix ~Sound Collection~
2014-12-29 RNCD-0010 Touhou Romanesque!東方ロマネスク!Touhou Romanesque!
2015-05-10 RNCD-0012 Touhou Shangri-la!東方シャングリ・ラ!Touhou Shangri-la!
2015-08-14 RNCD-0013 Touhou Extension Girl東方Extension GirlTouhou Extension Girl
2017-08-11 RNCD-0019 Kurenai Garden紅 GardenKurenai Garden