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Date Catalog Name
2009-12-29 N/A Innocent leaves & Aggrieved cryarrange tracks from Final Fantasy XIInnocent leaves & Aggrieved cry
2010-09-09 N/A Aggrieved cry #2Aggrieved cry #2 - arrange tracks from FINALFANTASY XIAggrieved cry #2
2010-12-31 N/A Navy TreasuresNavy TreasuresNavy Treasures
2011-12-31 N/A Anthems of Dark ConfederateAnthems of Dark ConfederateAnthems of Dark Confederate
2012-12-29 N/A CynothoglysCynothoglysCynothoglys
2013-04-29 N/A SephiraSephiraSephira
2014-12-30 N/A The Abyss IThe Abyss Iarrange tracks of battle theme from FINAL FANTASY
2015-12-31 N/A a sign of The Abyssa sign of The Abyssa sign of The Abyss
2016-08-14 N/A The Abyss II -prelude-The Abyss II -prelude-The Abyss II -prelude-
2016-12-31 N/A Abandoned scenery vol.1Abandoned scenery vol.1Abandoned scenery vol.1