east breaks in thousand

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Date Catalog Name
2008-08-22 ABCD-001 early world's end and sequenceearly world's end and sequenceearly world's end and sequence
2008-10-13 ABCD-002 frontline editfrontline editfrontline edit
2009-05-05 ABCD003 Anima Breaks E.P.Anima Breaks E.P.Anima Breaks E.P.
2009-05-05 ABCD002b frontline edit [ver.2]frontline edit [ver.2]frontline edit [ver.2]
2009-08-15 ABCD004 Touhou Breakcore東方ブレイクコアTouhou Breakcore
2010-05-05 ABCD005 Animus Breaks E.P.Animus Breaks E.P.Animus Breaks E.P.
2010-12-31 ABCD006 Tokyo Bufudyne東京ブフダインTokyo Bufudyne
2011-05-01 ABCD007 Aporia Breaks E.P.Aporia Breaks E.P.Aporia Breaks E.P.
2011-08-13 ABCD008 Avalon Breaks E.P.Avalon Breaks E.P.Avalon Breaks E.P.
2012-08-11 ABCD009 Ancient Breaks L.P.Ancient Breaks L.P.Ancient Breaks L.P.