Bunchou Online.

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Date Catalog Name
2005-12-30 BOCD-0001 CrabKani
2006-08-13 BOCD-0003 Touhou Tozenun ~1 day of a NEET~東方徒然雲 ~1 day of a NEET~Touhou Tozenun ~1 day of a NEET~
2006-12-31 BOCD-0004 Touhou Gindangan ~Magazine of Silver Bullets~東方銀弾丸 ~Magazine of Silver Bullets~Touhou Gindangan ~Magazine of Silver Bullets~
2007-08-17 BOCD-0005 Touhou Mugenkyo ~Fact from Fiction~東方夢現境 ~Fact from Fiction~Touhou Mugenkyo ~Fact from Fiction~
2007-12-31 BOCD-0006 Touhou Bunchoroku ~Return Reanimateness~東方文鳥録 ~Return Reanimateness~Touhou Bunchoroku ~Return Reanimateness~
2009-08-15 BOCD-0007 Underground LoversUnderground LoversUnderground Lovers
2010-03-14 N/A Sugar+Strike DEMOSugar+Strike DEMOSugar+Strike DEMO
2010-08-14 BOCD-0008 Sugar+StrikeSugar+StrikeSugar+Strike