Date Catalog Name
2000-05-14 N/A Second Attension2Second Attension2Second Attension2
2000-08-10 CNM-005 Second Creation2Second Creation2Second Creation2
2000-09-17 N/A Second Creation2 LESecond Creation2 LESecond Creation2 LE
2000-10-29 N/A Second Revolution2Second Revolution2Second Revolution2
2000-12-30 CNM-008 Second Impression2Second Impression2Second Impression2
2001-01-21 N/A SongsSongsSongs
2001-03-25 N/A Perpetual ChangePerpetual ChangePerpetual Change
2001-06-24 CNM-011 Perpetual Change 24MIX Pressパーペチュアルチェンジ 24ミックス プレスPerpetual Change 24MIX Press
2001-06-24 N/A Perpetual Change 24MIX burnPerpetual Change 24MIX burnPerpetual Change 24MIX burn
2001-08-11 N/A The WallThe WallThe Wall
2001-10-07 CNM-013 Paradigm ShiftParadigm ShiftParadigm Shift
2001-10-21 CNM-014 HalloweenHalloweenHalloween
2001-12-30 N/A 21st century schizoid alice21世紀の精神異常アリス21st century schizoid alice
2002-08-11 N/A A Young Person's Guide to UNIONA Young Person's Guide to UNIONA Young Person's Guide to UNION