Date Catalog Name
2008-05-11 XITH-0001 Touhou Shisou 1st Spell -Airstream-東方志奏 1st Spell -Airstream-Touhou Shisou 1st Spell -Airstream-
2009-03-08 XITH-0002 Touhou Shisou 2nd Spell -Fullmoon-東方志奏 2nd Spell -Fullmoon-Touhou Shisou 2nd Spell -Fullmoon-
2009-08-15 XITH-0003 Touhou Shisou 3rd Spell -Asteroid Orbit-東方志奏 3rd Spell -Asteroid Orbit-Touhou Shisou 3rd Spell -Asteroid Orbit-
2009-12-30 XITH-0004 Touhou Shisou 4th Spell -Gust of Wind-東方志奏 4th Spell -Gust of Wind-Touhou Shisou 4th Spell -Gust of Wind-
2010-03-14 XITH-0005 Touhou Shisou 5th Spell -Changing Times-東方志奏 5th Spell -Changing Times-Touhou Shisou 5th Spell -Changing Times-
2010-08-14 XITH-0006 Touhou Shisou 6th Spell -Undesigned Emotion-東方志奏 6th Spell -Undesigned Emotion-Touhou Shisou 6th Spell -Undesigned Emotion-
2010-10-11 XITH-0007 Touhou Shisou 7th Spell -Springhead-東方志奏 7th Spell -Springhead-Touhou Shisou 7th Spell -Springhead-
2010-12-30 XITH-0008 Touhou Shisou Ex Spell -Memory of the Past-東方志奏 Ex Spell -Memory of the Past-Touhou Shisou Ex Spell -Memory of the Past-
2011-03-13 XITH-0009 Touhou Shisou 8th Spell -Light of Nature-東方志奏 8th Spell -Light of Nature-Touhou Shisou 8th Spell -Light of Nature-
2011-08-13 XITH-0010 Touhou Shisou 9th Spell -Cardinal Red-東方志奏 9th Spell -Cardinal Red-Touhou Shisou 9th Spell -Cardinal Red-
2011-12-30 XITH-0011 Touhou Shisou 10th Spell -Expectation-東方志奏 10th Spell -Expectation-Touhou Shisou 10th Spell -Expectation-
2012-05-27 XITH-0012 Touhou Shisou 11th Spell -Overflow-東方志奏 11th Spell -Overflow-Touhou Shisou 11th Spell -Overflow-
2012-08-11 XITH-0013 Touhou Shisou 12th Spell -Trick Shooter-東方志奏 12th Spell -Trick Shooter-Touhou Shisou 12th Spell -Trick Shooter-
2012-12-30 XITH-0014 Fusai Senritsu風彩旋律 -ふうさいせんりつ-Fusai Senritsu
2013-05-26 XITH-0015 Touhou Shisou Ex2 Spell -Regeneration-東方志奏 Ex2 Spell -Regeneration-Touhou Shisou Ex2 Spell -Regeneration-
2013-08-12 XITH-0016 LOTUSLOTUS -ロータス-LOTUS
2013-12-30 XITH-0017 EyesEyes -アイズ-Eyes
2014-08-16 XITH-0019 BANQUETBANQUET -バンケット-BANQUET
2014-12-29 XITH-0020 ScarletScarlet -スカーレット-Scarlet
2015-05-10 XITH-0021 ELECTRIC BAMBOO BEAT!!-エレクトリック・バンブー・ビート!!-ELECTRIC BAMBOO BEAT!!
2015-08-14 XITH-0022 QuartetQuartet -カルテット-Quartet
2015-12-30 XITH-0023 MapleavesMapleavesMapleaves
2016-05-08 XITH-0024 Piano FortePiano FortePiano Forte