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Date Catalog Name
2009-05-05 N/A Touhou Yume no Uta 1東方夢乃唄 ~壱~Touhou Yume no Uta 1
2009-10-11 AMCD-0002 Touhou Yume no Uta 2東方夢乃唄~弐~Touhou Yume no Uta 2
2009-12-30 AMCD-0003 MasterpieceMasterpieceMasterpiece
2010-03-14 AMCD-0004 heart×hurtheart×hurtheart×hurt
2010-04-29 38AMCD-01 RougeRougeRouge
2010-08-14 AMCD-0005 Hoshi ni Negai woホシニネガイヲHoshi ni Negai wo
2010-10-11 N/A maddermaddermadder
2010-12-30 AMCD-0006 Tsuki to Hime to Eiya to月ト姫ト永夜トTsuki to Hime to Eiya to
2011-05-22 AMCD-0007 Alice†Holicありす†ほりっくAlice†Holic
2012-08-11 AMCD-0009 Alice†Holic 2ありす†ほりっく2Arisu†Horikku 2