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Date Catalog Name
2003-12-30 FPCR-000 FMPSG Preview DiscFMPSG Preview DiscFMPSG Preview Disc
2004-05-02 FPCR-001 FMPSG001FMPSG001FMPSG001
2004-10-09 FPCR-002 FMPSG002 -Legendary Sounds-FMPSG002 -Legendary Sounds-FMPSG002 -Legendary Sounds-
2004-11-10 FPCR-100 FMPSG Preview Disc Deluxe EditionFMPSG Preview Disc Deluxe EditionFMPSG Preview Disc Deluxe Edition
2005-05-01 FPCR-003 FMPSG003 -The Chiptune Memories-FMPSG003 -The Chiptune Memories-FMPSG003 -The Chiptune Memories-
2005-11-13 FPCR-004 FMPSG004 -Yellow Jacket-FMPSG004 -Yellow Jacket-FMPSG004 -Yellow Jacket-
2006-04-29 FPCR-005 FMPSG005 -elemental master-FMPSG005 -elemental master-FMPSG005 -elemental master-
2006-10-09 FPCR-006 FMPSG006 -cyanic beat-FMPSG006 -cyanic beat-FMPSG006 -cyanic beat-
2007-04-29 FPCR-007 FMPSG007 -LimeLight-FMPSG007 -LimeLight-FMPSG007 -LimeLight-
2007-10-08 FPCR-008 FMPSG008 -Flower in the darkness-FMPSG008 -Flower in the darkness-FMPSG008 -Flower in the darkness-
2008-03-09 FPCR-009 FMPSG009 -Remember the chiptune-FMPSG009 -Remember the chiptune-FMPSG009 -Remember the chiptune-
2008-10-13 FPCR-010 FMPSG010 -bridge-FMPSG010 -bridge-FMPSG010 -bridge-
2009-05-05 FPCR-011 FMPSG011 -kaleidoscope-FMPSG011 -kaleidoscope-FMPSG011 -kaleidoscope-
2009-10-11 FPCR-012 FMPSG012 -Burning Stone-FMPSG012 -Burning Stone-FMPSG012 -Burning Stone-
2010-05-05 FPCR-013 FMPSG013 -Blue Horizon-FMPSG013 -Blue Horizon-FMPSG013 -Blue Horizon-
2010-10-31 FPCR-014 FMPSG014 -Mystic aurora-FMPSG014 -Mystic aurora-FMPSG014 -Mystic aurora-
2011-05-01 FPCR-015 FMPSG015 -Ichigo-FMPSG015 -いちご-FMPSG015 -Ichigo-
2011-10-30 FPCR-016 FMPSG016 -16BUT-FMPSG016 -16BUT-FMPSG016 -16BUT-
2012-04-30 FPCR-017 FMPSG017 -Dancing Queen-FMPSG017 -ダンシングクイーン-FMPSG017 -Dancing Queen-
2012-10-28 FPCR-018 FMPSG018 -Metamorphose-FMPSG018 -Metamorphose-FMPSG018 -Metamorphose-
2013-04-29 FPCR-019 FMPSG019 -JUKE BOX-FMPSG019 ジュークボックスFMPSG019 -JUKE BOX-
2015-04-26 FPCR-021 FMPSG021 -reboot-FMPSG021 -reboot-FMPSG021 -reboot-
2015-10-25 FPCR-101 FMPSG OriginalsFMPSG OriginalsFMPSG Originals
2016-04-24 FPCR-022 FMPSG022 -Titan-FMPSG022 -Titan-FMPSG022 -Titan-
2017-04-30 FPCR-023 FMPSG023 -marble-FMPSG023 -marble-FMPSG023 -marble-
2018-04-29 FPCR-102 FMPSG024 -period.- [Preview Disc]FMPSG024 -period.-【試聴盤】FMPSG024 -period.- [Preview Disc]
2019-04-28 FPCR-103 FMPSG024 -period.- [Preview Disc 2]FMPSG024 -period.-【試聴盤2】FMPSG024 -period.- [Preview Disc 2]
2019-10-27 FPCR-104 FMPSG024 -period.- [Excerpt Disc]FMPSG024 -period.-【抜粋盤】FMPSG024 -period.- [Excerpt Disc]
2020-03-01 FPCD-024 FMPSG024 -period.-FMPSG024 -period.-FMPSG024 -period.-