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Date Catalog Name
2000-07 UI-001 When Insanity and Reality Unite...When Insanity and Reality Unite...When Insanity and Reality Unite...
2001-08-10 N/A ...Beginning...Beginning...Beginning
2002-08-11 UI-004 W/end.W/end.W/end.
2003-08-17 N/A Kizuato demo & Recycle痕でもあんどりさいくるKizuato demo & Recycle
2004-08-15 UI-005 obsession/(out of control)obsession/(out of control)obsession/(out of control)
2004-08-15 N/A Le crepuscule du soirLe crepuscule du soirLe crepuscule du soir
2004 N/A Dame Ningen no Kiseki 1999-2003ダメ人間の軌跡 1999-2003Dame Ningen no Kiseki 1999-2003
2005-05-04 UI-0006 Youchou Ranbu ~Deadly Dancing Butterfly~妖蝶乱舞 ~Deadly Dancing Butterfly~Youchou Ranbu ~Deadly Dancing Butterfly~
2005-07-16 N/A Ghostly Eyes ~Illusionary Night~Ghostly Eyes ~幻視の夜~Ghostly Eyes ~Illusionary Night~
2005-12-30 UIDEM-01 Higankasou ~the view of spiral riverside~彼岸花葬 ~the view of spiral riverside~Higankasou ~the view of spiral riverside~
2006-03-21 UI-0007 Oboromuku Tsuki ~Vaguely Dreams of Scarlet Fullmoon~朧夢紅月 ~Vaguely Dreams of Scarlet Fullmoon~Oboromuku Tsuki ~Vaguely Dreams of Scarlet Fullmoon~
2006-05-21 UI-0061 Illusionary Night ~Ghostly Eyes~幻視の夜 ~Ghostly Eyes~Illusionary Night ~Ghostly Eyes~
2006-08-13 UI-0140 Touhou Fusion demo+4 & Illusionary Night ~GhostlyEyes~東方ふゅーじょんdemo+4 & 幻視の夜~GhostlyEyes~Touhou Fusion demo+4 & Illusionary Night ~GhostlyEyes~
2006-12-31 UI-0081 Dame Ningen no Kiseki 1999~2003 DXダメ人間の軌跡 1999~2003 DXDame Ningen no Kiseki 1999~2003 DX
2007-05-20 UI-0009 DistDistDist
2007-12-31 UI-0010 Touhou Fusion - Spreading Full Colors東方ふゅーじょん Spreading Full ColorsTouhou Fusion - Spreading Full Colors
2008-05-25 UI-0011 Riddles covered in flowersRiddles covered in flowersRiddles covered in flowers
2008-08-16 UI-0012 Synchrotronic RezonatorSynchrotronic RezonatorSynchrotronic Rezonator
2008-12-29 UI-0013 ififif
2009-03-08 UI-9009 Dist+Dist+Dist+
2009-08-15 UI-0014 the Giftthe Giftthe Gift
2009-11-15 N/A Bucuresti no Ningyoushiブクレシュティの人形師Bucuresti no Ningyoushi
2009-12-30 UI-0015 The splendid worldスバラシイセカイThe splendid world
2010-03-14 UI-0155 Green-Eyed Jealousy緑眼のジェラシーGreen-Eyed Jealousy
2010-08-14 UI-0017 Hou no Yo ni Ayashi no Hana Sakimidare法の世に妖の華咲き乱れHou no Yo ni Ayashi no Hana Sakimidare
2010-08-14 UI-0016 Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom EnsembleGhostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble
2010-10-11 UI-0175 Cinderella CageCinderella CageCinderella Cage
2011-03-13 UI-0018 Yuuya Eishou ~ Endless Flight of Eternal Night悠夜永翔 ~ Endless Flight of Eternal NightYuuya Eishou ~ Endless Flight of Eternal Night
2011-03-27 UI-0019 SakuraSakura
2011-08-13 UI-0020 Muri Ouka ~ perfeitas flores de cereja/unplugged夢裡櫻花 ~ perfeitas flores de cereja/unpluggedMuri Ouka ~ perfeitas flores de cereja/unplugged
2012-03-03 UI-0021 when insanity and reality unite pt.2: scenes from a memorywhen insanity and reality unite pt.2: scenes from a memorywhen insanity and reality unite pt.2: scenes from a memory
2012-08-11 UI-0022 Touhou no Natsu, Cirno no Natsu東方の夏 チルノの夏Touhou no Natsu, Cirno no Natsu
2012-12-30 UI-0022 Paradigm Shift/Paradise LostParadigm Shift/Paradise LostParadigm Shift/Paradise Lost
2013-05-26 UI-0235 Heya to Danmaku to Watashi部屋と弾幕と私Heya to Danmaku to Watashi
2013-05-26 UI-0023 THE BEST OF UI-70THE BEST OF UI-70THE BEST OF UI-70
2013-08-11 UI-0024 cross the Great Dividecross the Great Dividecross the Great Divide
2014-01-19 UI-0025 Nanpo no Sensen ni Ijo Nashi南方ノ戦線ニ異状ナシNanpo no Sensen ni Ijo Nashi
2014-05-11 UI-0026 Rest in PeaceRest in PeaceRest in Peace
2014-12-29 UI-0027 Death from AboveDeath from AboveDeath from Above
2015-08-14 UI-0275 Kamisabita Kosenjo ~ Suwa Foughten Field神さびた古戦場 ~ Suwa Foughten FieldKamisabita Kosenjo ~ Suwa Foughten Field
2015-12-30 UI-0028 Reroute to SurviveReroute to SurviveReroute to Survive
2016-08-13 UI-0029 mochizuki望 -mochizuki-mochizuki
2016-08-13 N/A Touhou Fusion 2 Muryou Haifu Demo東方ふゅーじょん 2 無料配布デモTouhou Fusion 2 Muryou Haifu Demo