OverClocked Records


Date Catalog Name
2014-07-22 OCRD-0144 Green Hill SessionsGreen Hill SessionsGreen Hill Sessions
2014-11-06 OCRD-0165 Shuttle RushShuttle RushShuttle Rush
2014-12-09 OCRD-0168 Dungeonmans Original SoundtrackDungeonmans Original SoundtrackDungeonmans Original Soundtrack
2015-03-10 N/A Ice LockIce LockIce Lock
2015-12-08 N/A NeptuneNeptuneNeptune
2016-04-04 OCRX-0001 Silius : 0373Silius : 0373Silius : 0373
2016-05-30 OCRX-0003 Spring Break DJ SetSpring Break DJ SetSpring Break DJ Set
2016-11-01 OCRX-0004 New Game+New Game+New Game+
2016-11-18 OCRX-0005 The Lesser DogsThe Lesser DogsThe Lesser Dogs
2017-01-24 OCRX-0006 Crypt of the NecroDancer: OverClockedCrypt of the NecroDancer: OverClockedCrypt of the NecroDancer: OverClocked
2017-05-09 OCRX-0007 Kirby's Liberation ServiceKirby's Liberation ServiceKirby's Liberation Service
2017-11-14 OCRX-0008 Press StartPress StartPress Start
2018-06-01 OCRX-0011 Tangledeep ~Arrange~Tangledeep ~Arrange~Tangledeep ~Arrange~