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Date Catalog Name
2007-12-31 TDDC-0001 Twin of TributeTwin of TributeTwin of Tribute
2008-03-09 TDDC-0002 Spica+ScarletSpica+ScarletSpica+Scarlet
2008-05-11 TDDC-0003 RaindropsRaindropsRaindrops
2008-08-15 TDDC-0004 Sunny Side Swing!Sunny Side Swing!Sunny Side Swing!
2009-05-05 TDDC-0005 Secret EnamelSecret EnamelSecret Enamel
2009-12-30 TDDC-0006 Moon TearsMoon TearsMoon Tears
2010-08-14 TDDC-0007 AmarillysAmarillysAmarillys
2010-10-31 TDDC-0008 floatear -Sora ga Aoi Shiawase-floatear -空が青い幸せ-floatear -Sora ga Aoi Shiawase-
2011-05-01 TDDC-0009 Labradrite -noll-Labradrite -noll-Labradrite -noll-
2014-12-30 TDDC-0016 Fluorite -noll-Fluorite -noll-Fluorite -noll-