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Date Catalog Name
2010-03-14 DTMT-1401 Gensou Seiren Line幻想急行星蓮線Gensou Seiren Line
2010-08-14 MMG-160T Shirogane no Tsuki -Another Riverside-白銀の月 -Another Riverside-Shirogane no Tsuki -Another Riverside-
2011-08-14 MMG-212A orchestra arrange for "Aiyoku-no Eustia"弦楽のユースティアorchestra arrange for "Aiyoku-no Eustia"
2012-08-12 MMG-240A Wandering AUGUSTWandering AUGUSTWandering AUGUST
2012-12-31 MMG-250A Hachigatsu Midorimusou -Refined and Missing One-八月翠夢想 -Refined and Missing One-Hachigatsu Midorimusou -Refined and Missing One-
2013-04-29 MMG-071 Hinatake no Maiden Jijou -2013- Maidens' Shooting Service日向家のメイド事情。-2013- Maidens' Shooting ServiceHinatake no Maiden Jijou -2013- Maidens' Shooting Service
2013-08-12 MMG-260A Daitosho DIVAS大図書DIVAS -だいとしょでぃーば-Daitosho DIVAS