Comic Communication 3

Comic Communication is a twice yearly doujin comic convention where self-published CDs are also released. Official site:


Date Catalog Name Publisher
2002-06-30 GCFT-0006 Alice Soft Arranged Album "Akuji ga Kuru!"悪司が来る!Alice Soft Arranged Album "Akuji ga Kuru!" Golden City FactoryGolden City Factory
2002-06-30 RSW-0003 CLEARCLEARCLEAR ReSound WaveReSound Wave
2002-06-30 N/A Flat 3 Sample Versionふらっと3 試食版Flat 3 Sample Version BottomLineぼとむらいん
2002-06-30 OEMM-0047 I-ZU -At the end of this world-I-ZU -At the end of this world-I-ZU -At the end of this world- ooedo Express mail大江戸宅急便
2002-06-30 DKCS-1003 Misuzu-chin no Oto Nikki!!みすずちんの音日記!!Misuzu-chin no Oto Nikki!! Ayakashi Gengakudan
2002-06-30 N/A tribute+"Yes,I've!" Fan Album Project Ver2.7 "tribute+"tribute+ morisatoya森里屋