Comic Market 54

The semiannual Comic Market Doujin Fair in Tokyo, where a huge amount of doujin material is released. Some companies also participate in this event with convention-exclusive goods. Official website:


Date Catalog Name Publisher
1998-08-14 HYBR-001 kizuna絆-kizuna-kizuna Hyper Berooveハイパーべるーヴ
1998-08-14 TGRC-0001 Koeda ver.βこえだ ver.βKoeda ver.β TOGETHER RECORDSとぅぎゃざ~RECORDS
1998-08-14 WDCD-0011 Marine SnowMarine SnowMarine Snow WOODSOFTWOODSOFT
1998-08-14 NERL-0002 RibbonRibbonRibbon NERU-NERU-NERUGE
1998-08-14 WDCD-0010 SatelliteSatelliteSatellite WOODSOFTWOODSOFT
1998-07-30 SRPC-0001 Sharpnel vs ProjectGabbangelionシャープネルヴァーサスプロジェクトガヴァンゲリオンSharpnel vs ProjectGabbangelion SHARPNELSOUNDSHARPNELSOUND
1998-08-16 SJVSC-0002 SJV Sound Adventure Series Vol.4 "Leaves"SJV Sound Adventure Series Vol.4 "Leaves"SJV Sound Adventure Series Vol.4 "Leaves" SJV-SCSJV普及委員会
1998-08-14 whr-06CD Whoopee!pieces03Whoopee!pieces03Whoopee!pieces03 Whoopee!recordsWhoopee!records