Comic Market 58

The semiannual Comic Market Doujin Fair in Tokyo, where a huge amount of doujin material is released. Some companies also participate in this event with convention-exclusive goods. Official website:


Date Catalog Name Publisher
2000-08-12 WDCD-0016 AltisAltisAltis WOODSOFTWOODSOFT
2000-08-12 AMS-CD002 Comic Party Original Arrange Sound Track "Magical Color++"まじかるCOLOR++Comic Party Original Arrange Sound Track "Magical Color++" Project AMS
2000-08-12 WDCD-0015 Da Capoダ・カーポDa Capo WOODSOFTWOODSOFT
2000-08-12 NPA-CD001R Doukyusei 2 Medley to ka「同級生2」メドレーとかDoukyusei 2 Medley to ka Nepia Gundan
2000-08-10 EXRC-0004 Dousei & MOON. Original Soundtracks同棲 & MOON. オリジナルサウンドトラックDousei & MOON. Original Soundtracks EXOBITANT RECORDSEXOBITANT RECORDS
2000-08-13 SRPC-0006Limited ENDLESS SUMMER [Limited Edition]エンドレスサマー [人ジャケット版]ENDLESS SUMMER [Limited Edition] SHARPNELSOUNDSHARPNELSOUND
2000-08-12 SDCD-0006 FAMICOM CD PROJECT 2FAMICOM CD PROJECT 2FAMICOM CD PROJECT 2 Scoundrel RecordsScoundrel Records
2000-08-12 HTCD-0002 Free StyleFree StyleFree Style Hatsuonkan
2000-08-12 SUCD-0003 Geromajiaゲロマジア。Geromajia SoundUnionSoundUnion
2000-08-12 N/A Grand BlueGrand BlueGrand Blue G-GreatsG-Greats
2000-08-12 ATSN-005 Hinata Sou kara AI o Kometeひなた荘から愛 -AI- をこめてHinata Sou kara AI o Komete Atelier SaffronAtelier Saffron
2000-08-12 ATSN-004 Hiou no Mai緋桜の舞Hiou no Mai Atelier SaffronAtelier Saffron
2000-08-12 N/A JMMIDI Best Hits 1JMMIDI Best Hits 1JMMIDI Best Hits 1 J.M.'s HomeJ.M.'s Home
2000-08-12 LWCD-0002 KANONONEかののねKANONONE Little WingLittle Wing
2000-08-12 F-004 Kaze no Matsu Ashita e/Yakusoku no Uta / LittleWing風の待つ明日へ/やくそくのうた / LittleWingKaze no Matsu Ashita e/Yakusoku no Uta / LittleWing Little WingLittle Wing
2000-08-12 KME-0001 Leaf Arrange Album -reirou-Leaf Arrange Album -玲瓏-Leaf Arrange Album -reirou- K.M.E.K.M.E.
2000-08-12 AC94-0003 Mix MonjaみっくすもんじゃMix Monja AC94AC94
2000-08-11 UCMC-0008 Natsu no Kirameki ~ Kanon Piano Arrangeなつのきらめき かのん ぴあのあれんじNatsu no Kirameki ~ Kanon Piano Arrange Unchiku Companyうんちく商事
2000-04-23 ESTP-0002 Natural Color ~the other palette~Natural Color ~the other palette~Natural Color ~the other palette~ Effy Sound TeamEffy Sound Team
2000-08-13 NNCD-0002 Necessary Noise 2 ~ONYOH-Collection~Necessary Noise 2 ~音葉集~Necessary Noise 2 ~ONYOH-Collection~ PurpleCherry, DeepClassic
2000-08-10 PMCD-0001 overtureovertureoverture
2000-08-12 RLCD-0005 Phoenix BlessPhoenix BlessPhoenix Bless Rolandoろうらん堂
2000-08-12 MGCD-0001b Piano de HeartPiano de HeartPiano de Heart Mag² Software
2000-08-12 JVAL-0001 PiecePiecePiece JV-1010 Alliance LABELJV-1010同盟
2000-08-12 RLCD-0006 Pudding a la modePudding a la modePudding a la mode Rolandoろうらん堂
2000-08-13 NERL-0006 Pure PiariPure PiariPure Piari NERU-NERU-NERUGE
2000-08-12 MSCD-0002 respect"Yes,I've!" Fan Album Project Vol.1 "respect"respect morisatoya森里屋
2000-08-12 N/A Reverse Minor Game Music Trial裏マイナーゲームミュージック裁判Reverse Minor Game Music Trial MIZUNOE-WORKSみずのえわーくす
2000-08-10 CNM-005 Second Creation2Second Creation2Second Creation2 UNIONUNION
2000-08-12 FCCD-0001 TORRID SUMMERFirecracker Music Exhibition vol. 1TORRID SUMMER FirecrackerFirecracker
2000-08-12 ZTSL-002 turn rturn rturn r CODE ZTS LABELCODE ZTS LABEL
2000-08-12 ULPC-0005 Unison LABEL Sound Collection Vol. 5 UniValenceUnison LABEL Sound Collection Vol. 5 UniValenceUnison LABEL Sound Collection Vol. 5 UniValence Unison LABELUnison LABEL
2000-08-12 WVST-0002 Uzushiho渦潮 〜うづしほ〜Uzushiho WaveStationWaveStation
2000-08-12 STBL-0006 With Heart IV ~Leaf & AliceSoft Arrange Album~With Heart IV ~Leaf & AliceSoft Arrange Album~With Heart IV ~Leaf & AliceSoft Arrange Album~ STB-labSTB-lab
2000-08-10 PLNS-0001~2 Yuuyake -November- Original Sound Track夕焼け -November- オリジナルサウンドトラックYuuyake -November- Original Sound Track PULSENOTESPULSENOTES