Sunshine Creation 16

Sunshine Creation is a doujin convention held in the Sunshine City complex in Ikebukuro. Official website:


Date Catalog Name Publisher
2002-06-16 SS-002 AIRRADE ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKエアレイド オリジナルサウンドトラックAIRRADE ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK Studio SiestAStudio SiestA
2002-06-16 EZCD-0002 Family Computer Midi Best Collection Vol.1ファミコン ベストコレクション Vol.1Family Computer Midi Best Collection Vol.1 EtlanZエトランゼ
2002-06-16 CHOM-0013 iwao巌 iwaoiwao Chom-Studioちょむ工房
2002-06-16 PSGM-0001~2 Key RealityKey RealityKey Reality PsG System Laboratory
2002-06-16 LWCD-0007 REVERIE -Sound Sketch "Kino no Tabi"-REVERIE -サウンドスケッチ "キノの旅"-REVERIE -Sound Sketch "Kino no Tabi"- Little WingLittle Wing
2002-06-16 APL-004 Stay. -Fragments of Memories-Stay. -Fragments of Memories-Stay. -Fragments of Memories- APPLE projectAPPLE project
2002-06-16 NTPM-002 Wing Beat-XE-Wing Beat-XE-Wing Beat-XE- neotechnopolisneotechnopolis