M3-2005 Fall

16th installment of the biannual Music Media-Mix Market (M3). Site: http://www.m3net.jp/


Date Catalog Name Publisher
2005-11-13 FPCR-004 FMPSG004 -Yellow Jacket-FMPSG004 -Yellow Jacket-FMPSG004 -Yellow Jacket- FMPSGFMPSG
2005-11-13 MLSD-0005 mixnutsmixnutsmixnuts MuToPiA LABELMuToPiA LABEL
2005-11-13 CTCD-0009 Odoru Touhou Rave踊る東方レイヴOdoru Touhou Rave Cis-TranceCis-Trance
2005-11-13 PRMY-0002 solitary flowersolitary flowersolitary flower PrimaryPrimary
2005-11-13 N/A Touhoumania IIDX -Te amo-東方マニアIIDX -Te amo-Touhoumania IIDX -Te amo- Byou no Hito鋲の人